Intelligent real-time monitoring that saves time and resources


Sensoneo is a modern and user-friendly solution that delivers continuous monitoring of level of containers’ content using unique Sensoneo sensors. Solution can be applied in any industry as it is able to monitor content of any type in containers of different types and sizes. Sensoneo is follower of successful startup waste:it.


Reduce emissions and make businesses more eco-friendly

Reduce costs related to fueling, vehicle wear and working hours

Optimize logistics and make
work processes more effective

Communal services are one of the most important services for residents, visitors or business. This service, when working well is almost invisible, but immediately visible when it is inefficient. Each provider of communal services attempts to deliver in the highest quality and efficiency when it comes to material collection (municipal waste, separated materials, eWaste, textile, metal and other materials). The current situation is best described by the conclusion that we are picking up the containers and not the waste. Most waste pick up is done without available information about the amount of waste currently held by containers. If the operator of the communal service knew the amount of material in each container, he could optimally plan the removal of only the containers that are truly full and avoid unnecessary costs and time spent on handling empty or nearly empty containers.


  • Cities and municipalities
  • Waste management companies
  • Recyclers and consultants
  • Circular economy consultation companies and experts
  • Any company with need of monitoring and management of
    various types of waste or other collected materials