Understand your waste

  • Accurate overview of the amount of waste and its weight in all containers
  • Access to detailed and highly valuable data: statistics and reports, analysis, evaluations, predictions, trends and others



  • Ability to collect the waste on an as-needed basis
  • Significant savings on fuel costs, vehicle wear and tear and working hours/ labor costs
  • Optimization of waste collection logistics: ability to plan and control optimal collection routes and use built-in professional navigation


Reduced OPEX

  • Rapid investment return (Deployment of the solution could immediately yield up to - 30% cost savings)
  • Low operational cost thanks to the “MESH” concept - Our solution is being built to optimize itself – we have programmed sensors to be “Masters” and others “Slaves” to create a self-monitoring infrastructure with perfectly optimized usage of battery and data transfer requirements.


Improved Health & Safety

  • There is always enough available space in containers
  • Roads are not being unnecessarily blocked with waste collection vehicles
  • Streets benefit from avoiding annoying needless noise and undesirable smell
  • Minimization of contamination of containers’ surroundings


Environmentally responsible

  • Elimination of excess emissions
  • Reduction of deployment of vehicles to collect trash
  • Decrease of the amount of fuel required to collect the waste