An international company based in the Czech Republic which specializes in the monitoring of cars, machines, and other objects in different areas of vehicle operation GX SOLUTIONS provides telematics solutions to clients that run any fleet or provide transportation and operation services. GX SOLUTIONS is our consulting partner and distributor on the Czech and German markets.



Sygic is a global leader in the navigation and travel sector. It is a Slovak company which produces one of the most popular and most utilized navigation solution in the world. Among other things, their navigation solution: “FleetWork for Professionals” has built-in metadata regarding the road network, planning, and management of the workforce. This navigation can be integrated with our SENSONEO solution and customers have a choice between free Google maps navigation and professional navigation FleetWork from Sygic.


NÁRODNÁ DIAĽNIČNÁ SPOLOČNOSŤ (National highway company)

National Highway Company is an investor and administrator of the Slovak highway program. ND plans, prepares and builds highways, and provides their maintenance and revitalization. It is also responsible for maintaining rest stops and waste removal. Due to their remote location and uneasy access, the company has welcomed the possibility of pilot testing the SENSOENO solution, which has enabled them to benefit from the remote monitoring of containers. They now have continuous access to the current information about the exact level of waste in the containers and can optimize waste collection accordingly.



Being one of the 4 telecommunication providers in Slovakia, O2 provides a cloud solution and a mobile network that meet our strict requirements.



Our Slovak partner in the IoT network area based on the LoRaWAN technology.


ČESKÉ RÁDIOKOMUNIKÁCIE (Czech radio communications)

Our Czech partner in the IoT network area based on the LoRaWAN technology.