We are a cutting-edge IT company capable of seeing beyond the horizon. While most of our work is directly related to IT and to managing complex IT projects, our interests extend well beyond these fields. We actively engage in our own development in pursuit of these interests, which lead to the creation of our intelligent waste monitoring solution Sensoneo

We came across the idea to become involved in waste management unexpectedly – while having a beer. We were discussing some waste management-related issues with a friend who trades in waste containers. In the course of our debate, we arrived at the idea to interconnect the waste management business with modern technologies so that the entire process can become more logical as waste is collected in a more rational and effective manner. Nobody likes to come to a standstill in traffic behind a waste truck, especially knowing that most of the containers are half-full. On the other hand, we also don’t like having to walk by overflowing containers seemingly ignored by waste trucks.

We have provided waste management with the so-called 6th sense. We came up with the slogan “Let’s pick up the waste, not containers” which precisely articulates our objective – to have waste taken out only when necessary, not just on certain set days. Besides optimising the entire process, we have managed to save a significant amount of time and money for service providers and to reduce the ecological burden on towns.

“We’ve built our entire solution using ultrasound sensors, because as IT and automation professionals we consider them to be the ideal tool for contactless distance measurement. Our first prototype was ready in just 6 weeks. It was the size of a shoebox, yet it proved to be absolutely reliable.”

After a test-phase we decided to deploy our fist sensors in a pilot project. The city of Nitra proved to be the ideal partner – their municipal services have been trying to optimize their processes in the long-term, and they are open and positively inclined towards using modern technologies. The first results confirmed that our solution does indeed make sense and offers measurable benefits. The customer was also enthusiastic. All of a sudden, they could monitor what’s going on in their containers and react accordingly. A short time later, the Nitra municipal services decided to increase the number of installed sensors and they became our first paying customer

Through this pilot stage and our close cooperation with the city of Nitra, we acquired valuable knowledge in the area of waste management. We even decided to enrol our solution in the 2015 Start-up Awards and made it to the finals in the Technological Solutions - Society category. We also received several investment offers. However, we decided to decline them in order to retain full control over our solution.

After all this excitement, we began improving the solution from a technological standpoint and commenced pilot projects in other cities throughout Central Europe. Shortly afterwards we were contacted by our first interested foreign customers. Currently, we are actively working with partners in Australia, New Zealand, and Benelux to drive sales forward. We have also discovered that “standard waste” is just one of several areas where our sensors can be used – given their robust build and technical properties. Today we have several customers who collect electronic devices and clothing for charitable purposes.

“We also strive to continuously improve our product. We have developed a miniature sensor capable of detecting fires as well as if the container is in upright position. This is the smallest sensor of its kind on the market. We are now in a position where we can fully automate our production and, if necessary, supply up to 500 sensor units per week.

After being involved in waste management for two years, we’ve started to focus more on our competition. We have thoroughly analyzed the developments in this field, and we can say without hesitation that we surpass our competitors in several areas, including: measurement precision, error elimination, useful life, ability to implement our solution in all types of waste collection containers, sensor weight and size (there is no smaller sensor on the market capable of providing the same functionality), intelligent attachment and simple installation, and the lowest cost of operation (achieved through data transfer sharing between multiple sensors capable of communicating together). Besides these advantages, as we are a software company, we are capable of creating “tailor-made” applications and integrating our solution with existing information systems.

Recently, we partnered with Sygic, a navigation system provider, who will integrate our solution in their products, and with other companies involved in the Internet of things (IOT) business – namely the network providers LoRaWan and Sigfox. We believe that we will be fully prepared for customers who prefer this method of device communication

Our vision of the ideal city sees cities fully utilizing the possibilities that allow them to keep their streets clean every day at the lowest possible cost. Modern technologies should help us ease environmental burdens and create a more meaningful approach to waste management. We are convinced that Sensoneo is one of the means to make this vision a reality.

Martin Basila
Founder of Brain:IT