A promising start-up company focusing on the optimization of waste collection services was founded at the end of 2014 under the name “Waste:IT”, as a result of enthusiastic cooperation between an experienced IT programmer and a skilled micro-electrical engineer. The project quickly developed into a real business model with first customers starting testing its benefits in trial operation.

The company became a Startup Awards 2015 finalist, it was nominated for the Via Bona 2016 award in the Green Company category, the IT project of the year in the IT GALA 2016 poll, and it also received the Golden Ant 2016 award in the Innovative Solution category.

Initially a side project developed by two friends, it was motivated by the aim to introduce technologies to waste collection services so that more logic, efficiency and environmental consciousness enter the whole process. We came up with the “Let’s collect waste, not containers” catchphrase that accurately reflected our intention – to collect waste when actually needed rather than on pre-determined dates. In addition to the optimization of the whole process, we achieved significant time and cost savings for waste collection companies and lowered the environmental footprint of cities and municipalities.

The product is being continuously improved in terms of technology and, in addition to customers located in Slovakia and Czech Republic, it has attracted its customers in the Netherlands, Russia, Great Britain, and overseas.

Martin Basila
Founder of SENSONEO