SENSONEO provides a modern and user friendly solution that delivers the continuous monitoring of waste levels in containers via ultrasound sensors built into each container. The solution can be applied to any industry; as it is able to monitor content of any type (paper, plastics, glass, bio, liquids, mixed, electronics, metal….) in containers of various types and sizes. Sensoneo is follower of successful startup waste:it.


The sensors use ultrasound technology and are robust, water and shock resistant, and have a lifespan of over 10 years. They are fully-functional in temperatures ranging from -15 °C to 55 °C, and are set to measure up to 4 meters in depth, which can be extended if needed. The sensors have a built-in fire alarm and vertical position sensor, which indicates if the container has tipped over. The sensors use for data transfer GSM, LoRaWAN and SIGFOX.

SENSONEO sensors are available in two sizes: Single and Double.


The Sensoneo application is free and available for customer managers in web-based application as well as in Android tablet version, and for citizens on android and iOS platforms.

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In the Operator or Driver mode, detailed monitoring including live data from all monitored containers, notification, dashboards, and reports is available. The application effectively plans waste removal routes and navigates the driver according to the most optimal route. During waste removal, the driver is able to inform the operator/center of any changes to the container stations, such as damages, or any other important issues through various functions.

In the Resident view, the residents are able to find the nearest container fitting the type and size of the waste they are planning to dispose. The resident is also able to inform the communal services operator of the status of each container station, regarding possible damage, and actively contribute to a better environment in their immediate area.

Clients can choose from freely available navigation via google maps, or a professional navigation solution for drivers called Fleet Work from the Sygic company. The chosen type of navigation can be integrated in the application.


Final price is always customized, reflecting specific customer requirements on HW or/and SW. Customer can decide between buying the Sensoneo solution (and so become owner of the sensors and related HW) or leasing the Sensoneo services (when customer pays a monthly fee for using the HW and the maintenance).