Sensoneo is a solution based on monitoring the amount of waste inside containers using ultrasonic sensors. The sensors keep track of how much waste is inside the containers, and send the information to the app that further processes and evaluates this info. As a result, waste collection managers have an accurate overview of the amount of waste in all containers, which allow them to collect waste on an as-needed basis, rather than periodically.


The sensors are our own product. They are ultrasound-based, robust, water and shock resistant, and have a lifespan of over 10 years. They are fully-functional in temperatures ranging from -15 °C to 55 °C, and are set to measure up to 4 meters in depth, which can be extended if needed. The sensors are able to monitor any type of waste: paper, plastics, glass, bio, liquids, mixed, electronics, metal….) in containers of various types and sizes.
Besides monitoring the amount of waste, the sensors also monitor the temperature in container, its GPS position and have BLE technology built-in. If required, the sensors can be equipped with built-in fire alarm and vertical position sensor, which indicates if the container has tipped over.
The sensors use for data transfer GSM, 3GPP, LoRaWAN, SIGFOX and 4G LTE.


The data from the sensors are being transferred through a cloud into a safe storage, where they are processed and evaluated for the app purposes. Besides the overview of the actual amount of waste inside the containers and the situation at container stands, the application provide with many other features: planning of optimal collection routes, professional navigation, analysis of records, evaluation of collection quality of various types of waste, predictions, trends, seasonal evaluations and others. The “citizen mode“ allow any citizen to quickly find the nearest empty container for a specific type of waste and notify the waste collection company about any problems at container stands.

The Sensoneo application is free and available for customer managers in web-based application as well as in Android tablet version, and for citizens on android and iOS platforms.

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