Martin is a long-term top IT manager with extensive experience in the fields of IT, automatization and robotics. In 2012 he founded Brain:IT, which inaddition to managing extensive IT projects also pursues its own research. In 2014 he and his colleagues came up with the SENSONEO solution. Currently, he’s involved in preparing the Neuron:IT solution, which focuses on artificial intelligence-based medical diagnostics.

His job history includes positions such as Senior IT Manager at Quimonda, Program Manager at Infosys, and Delivery Manager at Ness.

Product Manager

Ján is an experienced analyst with extensive management skills. He provides excellent analytical expertise and a wealth of experience inthe fields of financial controlling and business process creation. In the past, he worked as an Financial Controller at Danone, as a Senior Business Intelligence Analyst at Makro Cash & Carry, and most recently as a Business Process Developer at Strabag.

As a Product Manager for Sensoneo, he is responsible for building business development, sales support, and process optimization.

Software Development Manager

Daniel is a seasoned IT specialist and project manager with a strong drive for the target. In the past he worked as an IT consultant at Amrop, he managed the IT Department at the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family, and in recent years his main jobs were in project management (Ness and Brain:IT) and delivery management (Anext).

Within the SENSONEO project, Daniel is fully responsible for software development and updates.

Comunications & Marketing Manager

Andrea has long-term experience with marketing & PR, internal and external communication. In past, she worked as Team Leader of various Customer Services Teams at IBM and Account Manager for private hospital, responsible for building relations with Embassies and business clubs. Afterwards she decided to fully focus on Marketing and PR – she spent 2 years working as Account Manager for PR agency Neopublic Porter Novelli and later worked as Account Manager in advertising agency Zaraguza Digital. She started to work for Sensoneo during her maternity leave, originally as occasional support for marketing and communication. Quickly developing start-up easily became her passion and Andrea is now managing all communication and marketing activities.

Product Manager

Andrea studied Marketing Communication and Business Management and began to gain her professional experience during her studies. She worked simultaneously as a TV redactor for local television and as an assistant manager at Subliprint, where she was responsible for team and production management. After that, she lead the Business Agents Sales Team at Bisnode Slovensko and managed the daily operations of Sokolovna premium beer pub, which included people, event & marketing management. She enjoys challenges in which she can demonstrate her outstanding communication and organizational skills. Her proactive approach and enthusiastic attitude makes her very a valuable and respected working partner.

At Sensoneo, Andrea is responsible for business development and client service management. 

Sales Representative for Netherlands and Belgium

Frank is a senior consultant and account manager, a great communicator, and a very methodical person. He has valuable experience experience in the areas of energy management, ICT services, and (internet) marketing. As a member of the Dutch Association for Technical Medical Professionals (NVTG), the Sustainability Association (MVO Nederland), and the Green Deal for Health Care, Frank is at the center of sustainability and health care. In his work history Frank has always been active as a commercial and entrepreneurial professional in family-owned sport shops, in several positions as an account manager, and as a founder and manager of an on-line shop for children’s bedroom furniture and toys. Besides his activities with Sensoneo and Brain:IT, Frank works as an Account Manager for Van Beek Ingenieurs where his focus is on energy management and software solutions.

Frank is our business partner and serves as Sales Representative for The Netherlands, Luxemburg, and Belgium.

Head of Research and Development

Ján is a very experienced electromechanical engineer, a passionate researcher, and a very clever automation professional. His abilities cover a very broad spectrum – besides IT and programming, his home turf is mechanical engineering in all shapes and sizes. At SENSONEO, he is responsible for development, research, and testing product updates.

Like most quick-witted people, Ján also prefers to remain out of the spotlight :) .

Sales Representative for Australia

Michael has a rich and varied set of experience in the field of IT technology. At Gratex International, he first worked as as a Network Specialist and Trainer , IT Infrastructure Solution Architect, and finally as an IT Infrastructure Services Manager. He has been living in Australia since 2004.

Michael is our SENSONEO Sales Representative for Australia.