24 new certified Sensoneo smart waste specialists

We have just completed our 2-day on-site training for Smart Waste Specialists. All trainees have passed the certification exam and are now recognized as Sales Experts and System Engineers for the Sensoneo smart waste management solution.

Our sales and technical deep-dive training program has enabled representatives from several Sensoneo partner companies to become confident in topics regarding smart waste, smart cities, and IoT. They understand the benefits and advantages of managing waste smarter with Sensoneo.

Altogether, there were representatives from 6 companies, such as IOT operators, telco, and tech companies all from the Central European region. They spent 2 days learning and training to master all Sensoneo products.

The content of the training

The training was set to provide a step-by-step explanation of every Sensoneo product, the setup, features, benefits, and possible troubleshooting scenarios. Partners were given all-important know-how to be able to use Sensoneo Smart Sensors and Sensoneo software to their maximum capabilities.

Partners also practiced all-important steps to experience an easy and quick set-up of the Sensoneo tools. Training was categorized and tailored to meet the specific requirements of either Sales Expert or System Engineer.

Partners are an integral part of our business strategy and they represent extremely valuable assets to us. Therefore, their readiness for today’s world of smart solutions and innovative waste  management is a very important missions for us and this is fully reflected in our Partner program,” said Tomas Kelemen, Sensoneo Sales Director.

Sensoneo Partner program

In addition to the onsite and online training, Sensoneo partners are also provided with end-to-end sales support, am technical helpdesk and access to Knowledge Base – an easy-to-use repository of information and a knowledge base for partners of all levels. It provides access to training, webinars, tutorials, product documentation, sales materials and marketing materials.

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