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Deposit Return Scheme

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Successful launch of Deposit Return Scheme

Deposit refund systems or Deposit Return Schemes (DRS) usually apply to plastic beverage bottles and cans. The ultimate objective of these nationwide initiatives is to motivate consumers via a refund to return the packaging back to the shop/collection point to ensure proper recycling and increase the recycling rates. DRS schemes are usually operated by governments, eventually, independent bodies made of the largest producers, who supervise the process from the beginning till the end.


Successfully engage citizens, vendors, retailers, and logistics groups


Ensure easy-to-use approach for all involved stakeholders


Provide end-to-end system that will ensure an absolute control over the operations


Facilitate full digitalization through the steps


Ensure accurate and easy data traceability


Prevent frauds

New generation of Deposit Return System

Successful rollout of the Deposit Return Scheme is directly linked to precise and detailed infrastructure readiness. This does not include only HW such as reverse vending machines and DRS kits for manual reading, but mostly refers to ingeniously-designed SW backbone to ensure accurate and transparent monitoring of the deposit fee cycle among producers, retailers, and consumers.

Sensoneo is a DRS system integrator that uses the most advanced technologies to maximize the effects of the deposit return schemes. Sensoneo’s DRS system enables DRS scheme stakeholders to make the most out of the post-consumer recycling potential as it optimizes and automates the operations, drives efficiency, facilitates transparency, and introduces an easy-to-use approach.


End-to-End DRS System

End-to-End DRS System

From to process point of view, Sensoneo’s DRS solution covers all critical pillars of the implementation process and operation itself: ongoing project management, workshops, configuration, customization, data migration, training, testing, go-live phase, and a service desk.

End-to-End DRS System
Modules for each Stakeholder
Modules for each Stakeholder

Modules for each Stakeholder

Sensoneo’s DRS system includes modules for every activity involved in the preparation, operation, and reporting. The modules reflect specific requirements a needs, and completely fulfil all the obligations of each stakeholder: Core system, Producer/Importer module, Retailer module, Clearing process, Data interconnection between collection points (RVMs) and DRS system, ERP Application Platform, Financial ERP, Linking DRS and ERP, Accounting, Fixed Assets, Accounts receivable, Account Payable, Banks and cash registers, Budgets and forecasting, and Business Intelligence (Power BI).

Integrating all Deposit Return Scheme stakeholders into one system