How many picks did you miss last week?

You have a collection schedule and you plan collection routes on daily basis. There are several thousand bins in your region. Do you know if you have missed any picks last week? Is the checking time-consuming and ineffective? There are better ways to take control over the service you provide.

Periodically collected bins

You can upload your collection schedule for thousands of bins to Smart waste management system. The tool will compare the schedule to actual waste collection detected for each bin by Sensoneo.

How does Sensoneo detect when was the bin emptied?

Smart sensor has an accelerometer same as your phone and it detects a position change. The software also recognizes emptying. Sensors send measurements several times a day and software notices. change in fill-level.

On-demand collection

Route planning tool can automatically plan waste collection route based on real-time monitoring. The tool takes in to account real-time data on fill-level, 100% full predictions, available fleet, the location of depo and discharge.

Using track navigation from Sygic, it will provide the safest and most effective collection route. You can track the vehicle in real-time and afterwards you can compare the scheduled route with executed one.

Save time and work more efficiently. Learn more about the benefits of Sensoneo solution. Join our Demo call. 

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