Digitized ecological islands for waste management

Data-driven solution for container stands serving apartment blocks areas inside localities following green objectives of the European Union

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Separate collection

of household waste

Fully digitized

fill-level and access data

Aiming green

targets of EU Recovery plan

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Digitalized ecological islands for garbage collection and waste management can be defined as container stands with the deployment of bins which include different types of smart waste solutions, which are supporting green objectives from the EU Recovery plan, for example:

  • decreasing greenhouse gas emissions produced by waste collection trucks
  • promoting better and more responsible recycling by EU citizens
  • avoiding waste tourism and illegal waste dumping


Our solutions - waste monitoring with smart sensors, route planning and waste access control.


Smart waste solutions that can be deployed into the containers within the ecological islands should be agnostic to any type of large-capacity bins and containers or semi-underground and underground bins and should include these smart waste solutions :

  • Smart sensors measuring fill-levels in bins and monitoring any type of waste (mixed waste, paper, plastics, glass, clothing, bio-waste, liquids, electronics, metal….) in bins and containers of various types and sizes.


  • Remote digital management of access into bins  ensuring that only the authorized people can access the bins. This solution should also facilitate the introduction of PAYT for apartment buildings that otherwise must be done via door-to-door collection only.


  • Route planning solution automating the management of the waste collection routes, based on precise pre-defined data regarding waste collection vehicles, depots, and landfills/ incineration sides. The aim is that every single waste collection route is planned to maximize the utilization of the resources (fleet, FTEs, time) and to minimize the costs by decreasing the greenhouse gas emissions produced by waste collectors.


Digitized eco-islands shall be used to serve apartment block areas inside localities. The digitized ecological islands shall ensure the separate collection of household waste, mainly in block areas, for the following waste streams collected separately: paper and cardboard waste, plastic waste, metal waste, glass waste, biowaste, and residual waste.