WatchDog – All-in-one device for waste collection trucks

Imagine you could collect waste the same way you do now while getting automatic records of all actions made during the waste collection process!

What if you could identify the bins or bags authorized for waste collection, verify the collection service, update waste inventory, be notified about asset misplacement data – and have it all done automatically? This is no longer a dream!

What is WatchDog?

The WatchDog solution enables haulers and cities to automatically track and record all actions made during the waste collection process without the need for any manual handling

Instead of combining multiple devices and systems for fleet management, truck tracking, and service verification, WatchDog includes everything in a single device using highly innovative technologies to maximize data accuracy, ensure correct GPS tracking, and guarantee secure data backup. Using WatchDog, customers can

  • automatically identify bins and bags authorized for waste collection
  • automatically verify pick-up of each bin
  • update bin inventory data live
  • automatically identify and avoid fraud
  • accurately record all the routes made.

The solution consists of a main unit, which is placed on top of the vehicle, four adjustable ultra-high frequency short-and-long-range RFID antennas, and RFID tags or stickers that are placed on waste bins or bags.

WatchDog offers a wide range of communication interfaces that provide unlimited scalability and the ability to easily connect multiple devices, e.g.

  • integrated dynamic weighting system
  • driver identification through RFID chip reader on driver dashboard, extensive driver navigation interconnected with Watchdog precise GPS
  • CAN bus connectivity for vehicle telemetry or waste extension
  • industrial buttons to report fill levels of bins while pick up is performed,
  • buzzer and light to create signals or alerts to staff on unauthorized collection.

How does it work?

All data gathered via WatchDog are immediately recorded in Sensoneo’s platforms for Asset Management, Fleet Management, and Route Planning.

Along with the opportunity to digitalize the waste collection process and to make their operations more transparent and efficient, WatchDog also brings the haulers significant business opportunities.

The easy identification of unauthorized bins and automatic inventory updates allows operators to stop collecting unpaid trash and prevent fraud. Both municipal and commercial customers can benefit from easy-to-run PAYT models, powered by automatic service verification. PAYT models are available for curbside collection of both bins and bags.

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