Looking for alternatives to Binando smart waste solution?

Do you have Binando solution, but the customer support is no longer available? Are you looking for alternatives to Binando Waste Monitoring Sensors?

Discover alternatives to Binando solution – Sensoneo

Sensoneo provides smart enterprise-grade waste management solutions for cities and businesses to cost-efficiently manage the waste lifecycle and improve the environment and well-being of people.

Through its unique smart waste management technology, Sensoneo is redefining the way waste is managed. Sensoneo solutions cover from asset tracking for bins all the way to the automated on-demand collection planning.

Sensoneo solutions - Asset Management, Waste Monitoring and Route Planning.

Track bins and containers with RFID tags

Sensoneo Asset Management solution allows cities and businesses to get a clear understanding of the complex bin infrastructure they manage. 

Smart Bin Tags, mockup of Sensoneo software system, Citizen App and Watchdog device.
Smart Bin Tags, Smart Waste Management System, Citizen App and Watchdog

Sensoneo Asset Management solution enables you to digitize your bin infrastructure. It combines RFID tags and stickers, Smart Waste Management System, Mobile App and RFID readers.

By tagging all bins and containers you identify and record all assets (bins) in a digital inventory in the Smart Waste Management System, powerful cloud-based platform. RFID features enable automatic service verifications and automatic update of the bin database.

Monitor bins and containers with smart IoT sensors

Sensoneo Waste Monitoring solution allows cities and businesses to uncover and finally understand the complex dynamics of their waste production.

Mockups of Sensoneo software system platform, Citizen app and samples of ultrasonic bin sensors.
Smart Sensors, Smart Waste Management System, Citizen App

Waste Monitoring solution combines Smart Sensors, Smart Waste Management System and Citizen App. The Smart Sensors use ultrasound technology to measure the fill levels in bins and containers and send the data to the Smart Waste Management System, a powerful cloud-based platform, via the Internet of Things (Sigfox, NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, GPRS) providing cities and businesses with data-driven decision making, and optimization of waste collection routes, frequencies and vehicle loads.

Do you already have sensors? No worries.
We can even accommodate existing sensors by Binando or any other 3rd party in to our solution.

Plan waste collection more efficiently

Sensoneo Route Planning solution enables you to optimize and automate planning of waste collection routes.

Mockup of Sensoneo software system platform, Driver navigation app and Watchdog device.
Smart Waste Management System, Driver Navigation App and Watchdog

It combines the Smart Waste Management System, Driver Navigation App, Watchdog and it can incorporate data from Smart Sensors and/or Smart Tags. Our Route Planning enables to automate the management of the waste collection routes, based on precise pre-defined data regarding waste collection vehicles, depots, and landfills/ incineration sides. The aim is that every single waste collection route is planned to maximize the utilization of your resources (fleet, FTEs, time).

About the company

Sensoneo’s proven solutions reduce waste collection costs by at least 30% and lower carbon emissions in cities up to 60%.

Sensoneo holds several recognitions and awards – Sensoneo is the first commercial Narrowband IoT deployment in the United States, and in 2019, the company was recognized as one of the top 3 CEE scale-ups.

Sensoneo holds several recognitions and awards - Microsoft, Innovation World Cup Series and Startup Europe Awards.

In April 2019, Sensoneo became the winner of Innovation World Cup Series’ Smart Territories Challenge, that took place in Paris as part of the BIM World Paris, the world-leading event for digital transformation in construction, real estate industry and urban planning. In June the same year, Sensoneo became the first winner of PROPTECH – Startup Europe Awards – European awards for companies bringing innovations into the Property & Facility Management market. The ceremony took place during the MIPIM – the world’s leading real estate market. 

In October 2019, while attending the Nordic Edge Expo, Sensoneo received SMAVARD in Waste category – recognition of most innovative implementations in the Smart City market.

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