Madrid will have the largest smart waste installation in Europe

17/02/2023 Sensoneo smart waste monitoring solution will be implemented in Madrid in what is the largest smart waste installation in Europe. More than 11 000 sensors will be installed in bins with light packaging, textile, glass, organic and general waste, with data being sent to the Smart Waste Management Software System and utilized also in optimized route planning.

Madrid will install 11 100 smart bin sensors. It will be the largest smart waste deployment in Europe.

11 100 sensors will monitor waste levels in bins in the capital of Spain

The smart waste solution is deployed in cooperation with our local partner Candam, as part of the waste collection service contract for the city of Madrid with Valoriza, Acciona and OHL Ingesan.

The installation of sensors will start in the first quarter of 2023. The smart waste implementation is a part of Madrid’s strategy of transforming into a benchmark Smart City. The main reason behind utilizing smart sensors is to bring more efficiency into waste collection services, while also reducing emissions, traffic and noise. Other benefits of smart waste monitoring are fuel and cost savings and reducing time necessary for waste collection.

Ultrasonic sensor monitoring the fill-level of the bin.

Smart sensors deployments in Europe typically range in hundreds, or few thousand units. The largest installation of Sensoneo sensors (and one of the biggest smart waste projects in Latin America as well) was in Buenos Aires and covered 4 500 sensors.

The smart waste project in Madrid also has a significant cultural importance. As International Sales Director at Candam Benjamin Varese explains:

“In Spain and Southern Europe as such, waste management has not started utilizing technology at a large scale. And although many cities are aware of the importance of the digitization of the waste sector, none have been able to commit to a big project. With Madrid as the capital having the largest smart waste project in Europe, we expect other cities in the region to join.”

Mockups of the Sensoneo software system platform, Citizen app and Driver navigation app with the smart sensor in the bin and garbage truck on the round in the background.

Sensoneo solutions have been deployed in more than 80 countries worldwide. Madrid installation combines both hardware and software products, i. e. ultrasonic bin sensors, smart waste management software system and route planning. Dynamic route optimization is an important part of the solution, and Sensoneo is the only platform provider that has adapted the most commonly used last-mile navigation systems to waste collection. This ensures that the navigation takes into consideration blind spots, pedestrian walkways, real-time updates, and other factors that are unique to waste collection. However, the platform also offers flexibility for operators to manually customize routes, such as adding holiday collection points or making one-time stops for places like hospitals.

Underground bins in the modern urban district in Cambridge with the percentage of their fill-level.

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