Monitor waste in many different bins

“Oh, I need to buy new bins!”

This is one of the most typical concerns of a waste manager who considers the installation of a smart waste management solution. Waste managers constantly seek a solution that will enable them to manage waste smarter. A common misconception we encounter is that a smart waste management solution implementation would require a huge investment in order to renew or replace all current bins or waste containers. Well, we can assure you that this is not always the case.

With Sensoneo, you do not have to bother. You can install Smart sensors in current bins.

—> Sensoneo is universal

  • We monitor any type of waste in any type of bin
  • You can still use your current bins
  • Simply install Smart sensors, get data and manage waste better

No matter if you manage 4 different types of waste commodities, semi-underground bins or separates in very specific types of bins, our solution optimizes and improves the management of all of them.

Discover the features of Sensoneo smart sensors and smart software to manage your waste smarter.

Some examples of Smart sensors deployment:

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