Nearly 900 textile containers under Sensoneo

Helptex, z.s., a company that manages textile containers across the Czech Republic, decided to deploy Sensoneo monitoring solution to all of its containers after successful testing during the summer of 2021. Helptex hence wants to prevent unnecessary journeys and ensure a clean environment around containers thanks to the on-time emptying.

Helptex containers for textile waste.

About Helptex

Helptex entered the Czech textile waste market in 2014. The textile waste the company collects is properly sorted and later used in the home textile sector, in the automotive industry, in third countries, and to support charities. Until last year, Helptex managed only a few dozen containers. Last year, however, it managed to significantly expand its network and currently manages nearly 900 containers across the Czech republic.

The growing volume of sorted textiles is also supported by the increasing confidence of people – the principle to put unwanted and worn clothes into the special container has obviously (and thankfully!) become a standard approach. The interest of towns and municipalities is also extraordinary, given the obligation to sort textiles by 2025.

Container for textile waste next to OMV gas station.

Challenges of textile waste collection

The growing infrastructure of containers places higher demands on their management. The key, in this case, is the collection logistics. Monitoring sensors, which would indicate their current occupancy, represent a great opportunity for “on-time collection” – drivers would not drive “blindly” and landlords can be sure that the environment around the containers will not be messed up.

Sensoneo as the right solution for smart monitoring

Helptex decided for Sensoneo after a negative experience with a previous supplier when they could not rely on data:

We definitely need waste monitoring, but we have learned our lesson. For us, this data represents key information on which collection planning and the entire logistics then depend, so we have to rely on it absolutely.

Monika Karcz, CEO and Founder of Helptex

In addition to immediate access to containers’ fill-level data, Helptex also plans to use the Sensoneo solution to manage route planning and logistics operations. The Sensoneo Smart Route Planning solution automatically generates optimal pick-up routes according to the specifics of a particular company in relation to the size and characteristics of pick-up trucks. Optimal routes are sent in the required time and format to the selected devices – the operators usually prefer PDF routes sent to e-mail addresses in the morning in time before the pick-up starts.

Sensor inside the container for textile waste.

Another, yet more practical option is to use the Driver Navigation App, developed for the specific needs of pickup vehicles. There are current routes available directly in the mobile application, which then allows drivers to be guided in real-time.

“Collection logistics is a complex and crucial part of our work. By automating these processes, we want to move to the next level, and thus increase the quality of our service even more,”

added Monika Karcz.

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