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PAY AS YOU SORT Software Platform

Introducing PAY AS YOU SORT Software Platform, a revolutionary system designed to transform the way factories and manufacturing entities manage waste. In today’s world, where sustainability is imperative, PAY AS YOU SORT Software Platform offers a novel solution by centralizing all data on waste production, sorting, and contamination. This platform empowers customers to streamline their waste management processes, enabling them to optimize sorting practices and, consequently, reduce costs associated with waste collection.

By harnessing the power of real-time data analytics, facilities can identify inefficiencies in waste handling, improve separation accuracy, and decrease contamination rates. This not only leads to significant cost savings by minimizing the volume of waste that requires expensive disposal methods but also enhances environmental sustainability by promoting the recycling and repurposing of valuable waste materials.

PAY AS YOU SORT Software Platform is more than just another software tool; it’s a step towards greener, more efficient waste management practices that benefit both businesses and the planet.

Customized platform for third parties

Our software platform offers universal API connectivity for customized solutions across any customer platform.


One comprehensive system for waste production, sorting, and contamination data

The premier advantage of PAY AS YOU SORT Software Platform lies in its ability to consolidate all relevant data concerning waste production, sorting, and contamination into a single, comprehensive system. This centralization of data empowers customers with unprecedented insights and control over their waste management practices. By providing a holistic view of waste diversion rates, it enables facilities to track the effectiveness of their sorting efforts, highlighting areas for improvement and showcasing their success in reducing landfill contributions.

The platform’s detailed contamination rate analytics further assist in identifying specific waste streams that may be improperly sorted, allowing for targeted interventions that enhance overall sorting accuracy and decrease expenses for waste collection. Additionally, the system’s capacity to monitor bin fullness discrepancies ensures optimal utilization of collection resources, reducing unnecessary pickups and associated costs. In essence, PAY AS YOU SORT Software Platform provides a data-driven foundation for making informed decisions that lead to cost savings, operational efficiencies, and environmental benefits.


Sort better = Pay less

The “Sort Better, Pay Less” principle underpinning PAY AS YOU SORT Software Platform encapsulates the core benefits of the platform: enhanced oversight of waste collection operations and the justification of payments based on actual waste generation and separation quality. This innovative approach motivates facilities to refine their sorting practices, directly impacting their bottom line in two significant ways:

First, by improving the accuracy and efficiency of waste sorting, businesses can drastically reduce contamination levels. This not only decreases the volume of waste that requires processing but also lowers the overall cost of waste collection, as fees are precisely aligned with the lesser, more accurately sorted waste volumes.

Secondly, the platform enables facilities to generate higher-quality recyclable materials, such as metal scraps, tires, and glass, that hold greater value in the recycling and raw materials market. This shift towards producing cleaner, more desirable recyclable commodities opens up new revenue streams, as these materials can be sold at a premium compared to contaminated or poorly sorted waste.