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In an era where sustainable practices are no longer an option but a necessity, industries are grappling with the challenge of efficient waste management. An excessive waste generation without data about its production comes often with contamination during the sorting process. Coupled with the rising costs of disposal and environmental concerns, the issue has led to a pressing need for innovative solutions. Traditional waste management methods are no longer viable in the face of these complexities, demanding a forward-thinking approach that not only addresses waste but also promotes resource optimization.


Cost Savings through Strategic Sorting

PAY AS YOU SORT is the next evolution of waste management, tailored for factories, facilities, and manufacturing entities. By implementing PAY AS YOU SORT, industries can achieve significant cost savings. How? By adopting and automating a waste collection process that ensures proper separation of waste and increases the waste diversion rate of high-quality and valuable waste materials. These materials, such as e-waste, metal scraps, glass, or cardboard, can be repurposed and sold to businesses that rely on them. This not only creates an additional revenue stream but also reduces the volume of general waste requiring expensive disposal methods.


Reduced General Waste Generation

Industries often find themselves burdened with excess kilograms of general waste, leading to escalating disposal costs. PAY AS YOU SORT optimizes waste separation, encouraging efficient sorting practices. As a result, factories produce fewer kilograms of general waste, thereby minimizing expenses associated with landfilling or incineration. Sensoneo’s Factory Waste Management solution automates waste weighing within producer facilities, gathering data in both the software platform and mobile app. It ensures precise invoicing from external waste collection companies based on the actual amount of waste collected. With PAY AS YOU SORT, you’ll witness a tangible reduction in waste disposal expenses, contributing to your bottom line. The more you separate, the less you pay.


Data-Driven Optimization and Insights

At the heart of PAY AS YOU SORT lies a comprehensive waste management system designed to streamline and automate waste collection processes. The intuitive dashboard provides an all-encompassing view of your waste management operations, allowing you to make informed decisions. PAY AS YOU SORT introduces a game-changing mobile collection app, empowering you to monitor, report and analyze the contamination levels of each bin and track bin weight. This robust data feeds into the system, providing a clear and concise overview of waste production and diversion rates within your facility. Armed with this information, you can optimize bin capacities, strategically position collection points, adjust collection frequencies, and even implement employee education initiatives to enhance waste sorting practices to make your PAY AS YOU SORT approach even more effective.

Ultrasonic smart sensors for fill-level monitoring

Our portfolio of services consists of various products and services. PAY AS YOU SORT can be enhanced by the following solutions:

  • Sensoneo Smart sensors measure fill levels in bins via ultrasonic beams. Our sensors can monitor any type of waste (mixed waste, paper, plastics, glass, clothing, bio-waste, liquids, electronics, metal….) in bins and containers of various types and sizes. Sensoneo’s solution is a result of in-house R&D. Sensoneo Waste Monitoring solution allows cities and businesses to uncover and understand the complex dynamics of their waste production. The solution provides real-time online access to data related to monitored bins, boxes, or containers.


  • Consulting services – our unique know-how in smart waste management, excellent knowledge of specific and even regional waste management regulations and practices from over 80 countries as well as long-term experience in ICT, software, and hardware development and implementation of new waste policies, make us a great sparring partner to discuss and coordinate strategic and systematical changes.


  • Transporting and processing services – thanks to our worldwide network of partners from the waste management industry, we are able to help even with the waste collection, sorting, and recycling management of different waste streams