All-in-one service monitoring solution for waste collection vehicles

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Service Verification

RFID technology

GPS Tracking

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Device Installation

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WatchDog - the ultimate solution for waste collection vehicles

WatchDog is the ultimate service monitoring solution for waste collection vehicles. The enterprise-grade design consolidates features of several monitoring devices into just one. The solution includes:

  • Precise satellite location tracking (GNSS) and telematics,

  • Automatic verification of waste pick-up using powerful RIFD UHF technology,

  • Advanced route planning, and fleet management.


WatchDog offers a wide range of communication interfaces, e.g. integrated dynamic weighting system, driver identification through RFID chip reader, extensive driver navigation, CAN bus connectivity for vehicle telemetry or waste extension, industrial buttons, buzzer, and light to create signals or alerts to staff. WatchDog uses highly innovative technologies to maximize data accuracy, ensure correct GPS tracking, and guarantee secure data backup.


Developed to support full automation of waste collection monitoring

We built Watchdog with the aim to allow fully automated service monitoring. Automation reduces the margin of error on the data collection and unburdens dustmen. Automation facilitates easy deployment of Pay-as-you-throw systems and avoids the unnecessary workload, errors, and costs caused by working with manual readers. 



Automatic service verification


Automated PAYT systems


Fraud prevention


Precise GPS powered by GNSS


CAN bus connectivity


Resilient hardware design

Discover WatchDog features

Automate service verification

Automate service verification

WatchDog is a powerful UHF RFID reader with up to 4 antennas. Short-range antennas recognize bags, bins or containers and record every pickup. Reading range is adjustable. All data flows to Sensoneo platforms including Asset ID, GPS location and time&date. The reader can read several tags simultaneously to speed up the process.

For reliable service verification, each asset needs unique identification. We recommend RFID. Sensoneo offers tags, stickers and special trash bags with built-in UHF RFID chips.

Improve Pay-as-you-throw systems
Automate service verification
Prevent fraud
Prevent fraud

Prevent fraud

Collect only trash you get paid for. Long-range RFID antennas recognize bins or bags placed on the curbside. WatchDog warns dustmen about unpaid trash. Curbside readings are possible only for UHF RFID chips. Reading range is up to 5 meters (adjustable).
Collect only authorized bags, bins and containers. Pickup details contain Asset ID, date&time and GPS location. The Operator easily spots pickup without an Asset ID (RFID chip). Also, comparing the GPS location with existing database highlights any stolen bins.

Introduce transparency into waste collection
Track correct GPS location

Track correct GPS location

WatchDog offers high location accuracy using the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). We have access to GPS, QZSS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou satellite systems.   More satellites improve location accuracy and ensure availability. WatchDog accuracy is 2 – 2,5 meter. GNSS module is in the Main unit located on the truck`s roof.
Increasingly dense urban areas, garages, and multi‑level interchanges “shadow” the signal. Three‑Dimensional Automotive Dead Reckoning (3D ADR) uses distance, direction, and elevation changes to temporarily replace the lost satellite signal.

Track bags, bins, producers and trucks
Track correct GPS location
Integrate more devices
Integrate more devices

Integrate more devices

WatchDog is built for integration. You can easily integrate any existing and future devices on the truck with WatchDog. The Main unit can accommodate data collection and transfer for several connected devices. Its robust computing capability supports multitasking. Available interfaces are CAN bus, RS232, RS485, RS422. The most common integrations are a weighting system, driver navigation, driver identification, vehicle telemetry or buttons for manual feedback.

Source all vehicle data to WatchDog
Manage waste smarter in Sensoneo Platform

Manage waste smarter in Sensoneo Platform

All data flows to the Main unit that sends them to Sensoneo Platform. Smart Waste Management System, the powerful cloud-based platform on MS Azure, helps Operators with everyday tasks related to waste management: mapping waste infrastructure, collection schedules and routing, service verification reports, fleet management and more. For strategic decisions and business intelligence reports we recommend Smart Analytics.

Using API you can source WatchDog data to 3rd party Smart City Dashboards and Platforms.

Manage whole operation in one platform
Manage waste smarter in Sensoneo Platform

Trust enterprise-grade design by Sensoneo

Resilient hardware design

WatchDog is a result of Sensoneo in-house R&D. It is made in the EU using superior Swiss components. Sensoneo Engineers are proud to design truly resistant hardware perfect for harsh conditions. WatchDog`s operating temperature is -30 °C to 70 °C. Humidity & temperature sensor allows for a built-in self-diagnostic heating system.

Reliable data supply

WatchDog collects all the data to the Main unit. The communication module sends data via LTE NBIoT, LTE CAT-M1, GPRS, EDGE, 4G to Sensoneo cloud-based platform in real-time. In case of power supply fail, data is safe with the Main unit`s backup power source. For firmware updates, two options are available – FOTA or Bluetooth.

Plug&play installation

Compared to other devices, WatchDog is a plug&play device. No adjustments to the vehicle are necessary. The main unit is mounted on the vehicle`s roof to ensure uninterrupted data transfer and GPS signal even in the tunnels or basement. Antennas are mounted on the vehicle based on the type and emptying mechanism. All we need is a power supply. An experienced technician can install WatchDog in under 2 hours. WatchDog can be install on any vehicle, not just waste trucks.

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