Reference: Glass containers fill-level monitoring in Trieste, Italy

Waste collection company Customer
Glass Type of waste

Providing reliable data for a waste collection company

Problem description

The company is collecting millions of tons of waste per year. They started to look for fill-level smart sensors to measure fill level in bins. They organize the waste collection in 3 shifts a day. It is utmost important to know exactly when and where to go and collect. Smart sensors should monitor fill level in bins and provide data to plan waste collection efficiently.


Sensoneo partner in Italy has conducted the implementation of Sensoneo Single sensor within Trieste municipality under collection service of local waste management company. There are 640 sensors installed. In September 2018, 340 sensors were installed in the first phase. In October 2018, 300 sensors were installed in the second phase. All smart sensors measure fill-level in glass containers with capacity 1.300 l or 2.800 l. Each bin is monitored by Single sensor connected to LoRaWAN network. Thanks to the deployment of the Sensoneo Smart sensors the customer receives reliable data from monitoring how full are the bins several times a day. The data allows them to prevent overflowing bins and trash on the streets. Both are proof of the good quality of service.