Reference: Medical Waste Monitoring

Hospital client type
300 health professionals
10 medical departments

About company

The hospital in Velky Krtis and its outpatients’ clinic is a non-profit organization located in the southern region of the Slovak Republic which employs around 300 health professionals. It was founded in 1967 and it currently includes 10 specialized medical departments, a long-stay ward, and an emergency station containing a total of 122 patient beds and 12 beds for social care patients.


The hospital constantly applies procedures and technologies with the aim of making its functionality more effective and more efficient. Waste management is one of the fields where the hospital saw an opportunity for improvement from both an organizational and financial point of view.

As health professionals, we want to be able to fully focus on our primary interest – the patients. In order to be able to do that, we need to ensure the operational performance of the hospital is safe and smooth – and waste management is certainly part of that. We were looking for a way to improve the efficiency of waste management in our hospital.

Pavel Bartosik Managing Director of the Hospital

Save 20% of our annual waste management costs

We have been working with Sensoneo’s smart waste solution for about a year. We deem this cooperation to be very useful as we have managed to save 20% of our annual waste management costs and we plan to continue cooperation in the future.

Pavel Bartosik  Managing Director of the Hospital

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