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Remote waste monitoring

About the company

Granvia Operation is a 100% subsidiary company of VINCI Concessions Group. The main focus of the company is 24/7 maintenance of entrusted motorways with the aim to provide the highest possible security, quality of service and minimal environmental footprint. Granvia is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the motorway between the towns of Nitra and Tekovské Nemce, which is 46km long, and maintenance of the northern bypass highway near Banská Bystrica.


„One of the duties and priority goals of our company is to ensure availability of the contracted services that we provide in the entire territory of the motorway between Nitra and Tekovské Nemce. This is why it is necessary for us to keep a permanent overview of the status of all the equipment which is essential to guarantee the quality of our services. As the territory that we maintain is a motorway, remote monitoring is an ideal solution for us.“

Smart waste solution

In addition to the specific types of sensors needed for the maintenance of the highway, Granvia has also implemented Sensoneo sensors to monitor the waste. They have installed them in containers which are located on the service areas along the highway.

The pilot stage of waste monitoring ran during the year 2017. Granvia found it very useful that the sensors provided early notification about waste fill-levels in containers and that they could plan their collection accordingly. Analytics represents the essential data needed for the optimization of their processes.

The alarm notifications that help us to avoid an emergency situation are exceptionally beneficial.

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