Reference: Service Verification & Sensors in Sofia

1,7 Mio population
City of Sofia client type
Soitron Sensoneo partner

Problem description

Sofia is the capital and the largest city in Bulgaria. About 1.7 million people in the metropolitan area of Sofia. In the fall of 2017,  the city of Sofia decided to launch the first phase of the sensor installation to see the benefits the smart waste management solution could bring. They decided to monitor bins in the city center. They were curious about the feedback from the data on the quality of their service, dynamics of waste collection and whether there was room for improvement. The project was launched in cooperation with IT service provider Soitron.

Expectations from the Sensoneo solution


Control the quality of waste management services


Cleaner streets and less trash in the city center


Data to see the fill cycle of every bin


Data to evaluate the efficiency of individual collections


Data to confirm the collection took place


Optimize the frequency of collection

We consider waste as a critical part of our lives and we think that smart technologies can really help to manage the waste more simply and more efficiently, and enable a smaller impact on the environment.

Teodor Škeren IoT Senior Business Consultant, Soitron

Smart waste management

In December 2017,  the city of Sofia decided to launch the first phase of their project with the Sensoneo smart waste management solution. 33 Smart sensors (Single sensor) were installed to monitor bins for general waste in the city center.


Measurement interval

Smart sensors measurement intervals are set to fit the fill cycle of the bins. The bins in the city center of Sofia reach capacity quickly and Smart sensors are set to measure several times a day. 10 sensors measure every 5 minutes and 23 sensors measure 6x a day.


Smart sensors are connected to the IOT network  – LoraWAN. Sending data from Smart sensors via the IOT network is cheaper than using GSM (sms) and also less demanding on battery life.


single sensors monitoring general waste in 1100L bins

Data evaluation

The data from Smart Sensors is processed and stored in the Smart Waste Management System (WSM). In addition to the overview of actual waste levels, the tool provides semi-automated planning of optimal collection routes along with different types of statistics, reports, and predictions.

Mockup of Sensoneo software system platform which shows overview of actual waste levels of the bins on the map.

Smart Analytics is an analytical and reporting tool enabling Sofia to „understand” the waste they manage and make data-driven strategic decisions. The tool helps Sofia to analyze: the pickup frequency/efficiency, optimize pickup frequency for a bin, stand, street and to see if and when the bin was collected.


Partnering with Sensoneo is a very logical step for us and we actively use the tools that Sensoneo offers to deepen our knowledge and best practices in the smart waste industry.

Teodor Škeren IoT Senior Business Consultant, Soitron



Thanks to the deployment of the Sensoneo solution. the city of Sofia can control the achievement of its goals related to the city’s waste management policy real-time.


The city acquires valuable data, which plays an important role in strategic decisions related to the installation and placement of other waste bins.

Sensoneo partner in Bulgaria - Soitron

About the company

Soitron is one of the largest IT service providers in the CEE region, with more than 800 employees and facilities in Slovakia,  theCzech Republic, Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Poland and the UK. Founded in 1991, Soitron is a leader in introducing new technologies and innovative solutions. Soitron has been helping both regional organizations and multinationals such as HP, AT&T, Vodafone, Orange and E-On to grow their businesses through the highest-accredited services, including system integration for IT infrastructure, unified communications, customer interaction, content management, security and IT services and outsourcing.

Soitron actively seeks innovative technologies to expand their product portfolio. Smart waste management is one of the industries where Soitron sees the biggest potential.

The benefits of the Sensoneo smart waste management solution convinced Soitron to deploy the solution in the capital of Bulgaria – the city of Sofia.

We are glad to see that the insights from our installations of the Sensoneo solution are reflected in the further development of the solution to meet the highest possible demands.

Teodor Škeren IoT Senior Business Consultant, Soitron

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