Reference: Waste collection service monitoring in capital of Latvia, Riga

25 Number of WatchDogs
27.000 Number of RFID Tags
NB-IoT & CAT-M1 Connectivity

Waste collection in a capital of Latvia monitored with WatchDog solution by Sensoneo

Riga, the capital of Latvia set at the Baltic Sea is the largest city out of the three Baltic capitals with a population of more than 600.000 inhabitants. Baltic countries are considered very innovative, with a similar mindset to Scandinavian countries and the same is valid also for the waste management approach.

One of the largest waste collector companies in Latvia has decided to monitor, automate and digitalize every step of its waste collection process thanks to the deployment of Sensoneo’s WatchDog solution on top of 25 waste trucks of their fleet. Installation was conducted by Sensoneo’s local reseller partner Vertical Solutions SIA. Deployment was followed by a personal training of the technical staff at Sensoneo Headquarters in Bratislava.

watchdog installation riga latvia waste management collection monitoring

Two UHF short antennas placed on the waste trucks will communicate with more than 27.000 thousand RFID tags placed mostly on 1100 liters containers all around Riga. The data collected by the WatchDog hardware device placed on top of the truck will be sent to the Waste Management System platform in real-time thanks to IoT connectivity through NB-IoT or CAT-M1.

The data from the collection will be also available and visible to the citizens in Riga in a custom-made citizen app.