Reference: New collection routes for waste management company

370 km2 Area managed
500k people Population
Customer Waste collection company

Company description

OLO is a 100% subsidiary company of the city of Bratislava. Its mission is to provide full waste management services for citizens and companies located in the capital city of the Slovak Republic – Bratislava – and its surroundings.

OLO provides waste collection, waste disposal and conditioning of all communal waste (mixed, paper, glass, plastics, electro…)  and small building waste. Along with this service, OLO also provides the final-sorting of separated (recycled) waste, waste combustion, and the sale of secondary commodities.


Motivation for pilot

As OLO’s mission is to provide waste management services at the highest level of quality and cost-efficiency, the company constantly seeks opportunities that enable them to enhance those qualities. The company was, therefore, very keen to pilot the Sensoneo solution to evaluate their current practices in terms of waste collection frequency and containers’ capacities.

Expectations from Sensoneo


Real-time waste monitoring


Avoid unnecessary waste collection routes


Optimization of waste collection processes

Smart waste solution

In 2017, Sensoneo installed 36 ultrasonic Smart Sensors  (Single sensor)  to monitor the levels of glass in containers.  Another 25 ultrasonic Smart sensors (Double sensor) are deployed to monitor semi-underground bins in different locations around Bratislava. Sensoneo Smart Sensors are built to the highest standards to ensure 100% functionality and security.

Our sensors can monitor any type of waste (mixed waste, paper, plastics, glass, clothing, bio-waste, liquids, electronics, metal….) in bins and containers of various types and sizes.

The data from Smart Sensors is processed and stored in the Smart Waste Management System (WSM). In addition to the overview of actual waste levels, the tool provides semi-automated planning of optimal collection routes along with different types of statistics, reports, and predictions.


single sensors monitoring containers for glass


double sensors monitoring semi-underground bins

“After weeks of testing, we can confirm that the sensors are a really good product – their impact has been proven, especially in containers in remote areas. The collection of these containers is quite expensive and the deployment of the Sensoneo solution enables considerable cost reduction.”

Beata Humenikova Spokesperson of OLO company


The implementation of Smart sensors in containers for glass has resulted in a 67% savings on distance and a 63% savings on time.

Before Sensoneo: Bratislava has 4 districts. The collection routine was 1 day = 1 district. The vehicles collected all containers every 4 days. The fill levels in the containers were not considered.

Results of Sensoneo solution: Route optimization resulted in a 67% savings on distance and a 63% savings on time. Now they are able to pick up only full containers in town on a daily basis.

The pickup of semi-underground bins is rather  financially demanding and the bins are installed in several locations across the city. The date on real-time fill-level is very valuable. Together with the optimization of collection routes, the solution helped optimize the entire waste collection process considerably.