Is there a Smart fill-level sensor in your bin

There are more and more bins under control around the world every day. Thanks to the internet of things, the smart waste management market is booming. Sensoneo produces Smart ultrasonic sensors that measure bin capacity levels and help to optimize collection routes. Do you know if your bin is monitored with such a Smart sensor?

Smart waste sensors are built to be robust, not beautiful. They resist all weather conditions, are waterproof and shock resistant. They are also difficult to damage. Good Smart sensors have a lifespan of over 5 years.

There are 2 ways to learn if your bin is monitored with a fill-level sensor:

Mobile app Sensoneo Citizen App

The Sensoneo solution benefits everyone- municipalities, waste management companies, and citizens. The benefits of Smart waste sensors are available to all citizens via our mobile app – Citizen App. You can download it for free from Appstore or Google play. You can see all the public bins with sensors installed on the map, bin capacity levels, and what kind of waste it is for in real-time. You can even report an issue directly to the authorities via the app.

citizen app waste empty bins

Have a look in the bin

Open the bin and have a look. Smart sensors are installed inside the top of the bin, usually on the bottom of the lid or somewhere on the side. They send an ultrasonic beam that reflects back from the waste and measures the current level. Waste management companies then know when and which bins to collect.

Here are a few pictures of Smart sensors installed in bins so that you know what to look for. Please remember to be careful, as there may be sharp or dangerous objects inside the bins.

Smart sensor (Double sensor) in a container for clothes collection

Smart sensor (Double) in a semi-underground bin

Smart sensor (Single sensor) in 1100L bin for a glass waste

Smart sensor (Single sensor) in an underground bin

Smart sensor (Double sensor) in 1100L bin for paper waste

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