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Sensoneo smart waste solution

Most businesses produce waste and the disposal costs are constantly rising. In accordance with the pro-environment public focus, many businesses need help with the reduction of the waste they generate. Zero-waste, or zero-landfill is a popular business objective nowadays. Businesses, where waste-related costs are a significant part of budgets/OPEX, should consider optimizing waste management as much as possible. Sensoneo has customers of various types such as industrial parks, manufacturing, retail, office buildings, hospitals, laboratories, gas stations, facility management companies and nation-wide collectors specific waste.

Smart waste tools are not just for municipalities and waste collectors. You can benefit from them in your business as well. 


Understand waste production dynamics


Know when the bin is full remotely


Plan on-demand pick-ups in advance


Contract the right pickup frequency


Eliminate disposal of half-empty bins


Eliminate risk of overflowing bins


Rely on transparent service verification


Pay only for service you need


Minimize FTEs allocated to waste management


Make sure you implement an enterprise-grade solution

Sensoneo’s leading enterprise-grade waste management solution provides businesses with a robust, scalable, secure and easy-to-deploy solution hosted in the MS Azure cloud, enabling high availability and redundancy capabilities. As such, Sensoneo can scale its solution according to customer’s’ needs and can connect any number of sensors. Payload and network communication is encrypted on two levels, ensuring that Sensoneo Sensors can’t be misused for DDOS attacks. The hardware is of equally-high quality using ST Micro, U Blox electronic chips, and deploying recyclable polyimide optical fibers for the casing.


Understand the waste you manage

Get valuable insight and truly understand the needs of your business as well as the waste you manage. How much waste do you produce? Is your waste production steady, shifting, or seasonal? How optimized is the bin capacity and waste collection frequency? Thanks to the data from Smart sensors, the power of the Smart Waste Management System and Smart Analytics, we can answer all the above questions and many more. When you have the answers, you have your waste under control. 


Be smarter with smart solution

Sensoneo’s software solution cost-efficiently manages the waste collection. Through its real-time monitoring and Smart Analytics, businesses are enabled to make data-driven decisions to plan their waste disposal in advance and optimize location and capacity of the bins, so that the waste management is truly under control. Cost-efficient processes lead to reduced OPEX.