A Sustainable Approach To Collecting Post-Consumer Textile Waste

Sensoneo solutions find application even for companies dedicated to the collection of old clothes and other textile waste. With the evergrowing amount of clothes we buy and own thanks to fast fashion trends, also grows the amount of clothes we want to get rid off.

Companies such as Goodwill or Humana face increasing demand for its services and with growing networks of collection points, the everyday operations are getting more and more difficult.

Smart waste is mostly regarded as a topic for cities and municipalities. On the other hand, such companies (textile waste collectors) will need to introduce the same technologies as municipalities to manage the whole ecosystem of operators, drivers, collection points etc.

Among customers using Sensoneo solution, you can find companies specializing in the collection of a specific waste type such as electronics, oil or textile.

Manage textile containers smarter

Digital inventory of all the bins including an interactive map available via a cloud-based web application or via mobile app makes everyday operations feasible.

Mockup of Sensoneo software system platform.
Mockups of Sensoneo Citizen app.
  • Plan waste collection with regards to vehicle capacity and container location.
  • Navigate drivers and maintenance to the container location and save time.
  • Record maintenance, replacement and emptying via Sensoneo mobile app in real-time.
  • Update textile container GPS location every time you empty it.
  • Container identification via RFID tags.
  • Navigate citizens to the nearest available container in seconds.

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EKOCHARITA was founded in 2017 and focuses on the collection, donation, pre-sorting and wholesaling of used clothing, footwear, bed sheets, linen as well as feather-beds, either for further reuse or recycling. Today, Ekocharita is the fastest-growing bin operator in the region. Overall, EKOCHARITA collects textile waste from the network of 1200 containers located mainly in the western part of Slovakia. Annually, they collect approximately 3 000 000 kilograms of clothes and textiles, that would have otherwise ended in a landfill or in the incinerator.

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