Smart waste sensors for Sigfox, LoRaWAN, NB-IOT, GSM and Cat-M

“Do I need an IOT network to monitor waste with sensors?”

Waste managers are concerned about connectivity options when looking for a smart waste solution.

Many of our clients have sensors connected to more than just one network. It all depends on the location of bins, their type and coverage. With Sensoneo, you are not limited to a certain network.

Sensoneo smart sensors are able to connect to a variety of networks:

  • Cat-M
  • IoT network Sigfox
  • IoT network LoraWan
  • IoT network NB-IOT

If IOT is not an option

We can get you connected anywhere you require. If an IOT network does not have coverage in your location, GSM/GPRS is the safe option.

Simply install the Sensoneo solution and manage waste better.


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