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Deposit Return Schemes

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Pre-DRS solution

Pre-DRS solution by Sensoneo is a market-mapping tool that enables the most efficient DRS implementation. The solution serves for data collection and analysis from all participating entities, combined with automated digital contracting:

  • Real-world structured data from all participating entities
  • Take into account the specifics of your market
  • Automated contracting saves time for both the operator and the entities involved
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Deposit Refund System

Sensoneo’s DRS system enables DRS scheme stakeholders to make the most out of the post-consumer recycling potential as it optimizes and automates the operations, drives efficiency, facilitates transparency, and introduces an easy-to-use approach:

  • Successfully engage citizens, vendors, retailers, and logistics groups
  • Facilitate full digitalization and provide end-to-end system that will ensure an absolute control over the operations
  • Ensure accurate and easy data traceability, prevent frauds