Digitalization of post-consumer recycling process

Digitize and automate the management of take-back system to ensure smooth and accurate data flow and less workload for employees.

Managing the large-scale collection, transport, and recycling of post-consumer goods and materials is a complex task. Besides the daily operational management, the take-back operators are also obliged to accurately record and report various metrics including amounts processed and recycling rates. Working in multiple information systems and a lack of data integration is a daily challenge.

Ideal for:

  • Take-back operators, Collector or specific types of waste, post-consumer recycling companies

Technology & Features

Sensoneo’s Take-back System provides smart tools for all stakeholders in a take-back system: Operator, Collection Points, Logistics Partners and Processing sites.

  • Both desktop and mobile apps easily collect data every step of the process building transparent waste streams from the source all the way to processing.
  • Collection Marketplace easily solves demand & supply for waste transport.
  • Route Planning plans the shortest collection routes and navigates drivers from pickup to pickup.


  • Task automation
  • Rich data collection
  • Opex savings
  • Transparent and traceable waste streams