Digitization & New Routes

“For the citizens of Bratislava, this would mean cleaner public spaces and more efficient waste collection services.” Katarína Rajčanová, Spokeswoman, City of Bratislava

Sensoneo solution is deployed in Bratislava, Slovakia in cooperation with the City of Bratislava and OLO a.s., a city-owned waste collection company. Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia with 600k inhabitants. The project is supported by a grant from the European Innovation Council, which Sensoneo received in the summer of 2020 for the large-scale deployment of its solution to demonstrate its environmental and economic benefits.

Digitalization of waste infrastructure is in line with the city’s Strategy for Municipal Waste Management with the aim of transitioning to a circular economy for the years  2021 – 2026. The city expects savings on waste collection-related mileage and emissions.  The project includes several stages that will be implemented continuously until April 2022.  The project also includes testing of Sensoneo’s prototypes facilitating the introduction of „Pay as you sort“ models and recognizing fill levels of containers during the pick-up.

Considering the scope, size and technologies applied, the project represents the first-of-its-kind deployment on a global level. The use of smart technologies in the management and collection of waste is in its early stages as of yet – even the world’s most well-known capitals are piloting the technologies. At the moment, there is no reference from a large-scale deployment in the world that provides evidence of the benefits covering such a large scope – infrastructure management, process digitization, and dynamic collection.

“Our goal is to have exact data on the volume of waste that residents produce. These data would be then be reflected in statistics at the taxpayer level. Each collection container or bag in the city will be tagged and its dumping will be recorded using the waste collection technology.” Ivana Maleš, Co-author of the city’s Strategy for Municipal Waste Management

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