Specific Waste – Drug Disposal

Protect public and eliminate overflowing

Ideal for

  • Bins collection of prescription or recreational drugs

Technology used

  • Update on fill level with Smart Sensors (Single Sensor) up to 24 times a day
  • Fire and tilt alarm
  • Service verification using Smart Tags with digital timestamp


Prescription or recreational drugs are attractive for addicts and thieves. Full bin provides an easy access for thieves. If there is no more space in the bin, these drugs might end up in general waste what poses health risks and incorrect disposal.

  • Bin construction prevents from visual detection of fill-level. It can be difficult for cleaning crew to decide if the bin is full.
  • With unpredictable filling cycle of such specific bins,  remote monitoring and predictions are the key to on-demand pick requests. Prevent any hazardous situations and keep public safe.
Bin for drug disposal in a shop.