Garmet Collection in the Shops

Ensure sufficient capacity for collection

The ability to hand over old clothes has become one of the ways how fashion brands promote environmental approaches across their customers. Such bins are indeed a PR tool too. The full bin is not a good visual in an otherwise tidy store.

Ideal for

  • Bins located in stores for collecting recyclables and old products

Technology used

  • Update on fill level with Smart Sensors (Single Sensor) up to 24 times a day.
  • Mobile app for scheduling and requesting pick ups.


Checking the fill level in such bins is not the priority of retail personnel. They focus on serving customers and might overlook the overflowing bin.

  • Remote monitoring warns you about bin getting full. You even get a report on the amount of waste collected.
  • With unpredictable filling cycle of such specific bins,  remote monitoring and predictions are the key to on-demand emptying. Pick up waste in time and ensure sufficient capacity in the store.