Library Book Return Box Monitoring

Keep up with unpredictable filling cycle

The amounts of returned books are unpredictable. It requires time and people to collect all boxes on a regular basis. Remote monitoring can optimize mailboxes collection and help you enlarge your network with the capacities. you know what boxes need pickups and what mailboxes are empty. With the same capacities, you can enlarge your box network.

Ideal for

  • Boxes dedicated to library book returns

Technology used

  • Update on fill level with Smart Sensors (Single Sensor) up to 6 times a day
  • Fire alarm
  • Service verification (pickup) using Smart Tags with digital timestamp


  • Eliminate pickups of empty bins with remote monitoring
  • Ensure sufficient space for books to eliminate books left on or near the box or being forcingly pushed into the box causing serious damage on books.
Bin/box for returning library books.