Specific Waste – Sharps

Protect public and eliminate overflowing

Medical waste poses a threat to public health not only because of the content of the substances but also because of dangerous sharp things and tools. Early warning and well-timed emptying of medical waste bins will prevent health and safety risk situations.

Ideal for

  • Bins for hazardous and dangerous medical waste such as needles from diabetes and other patients, drug addicts.

Technology used

  • Update on fill level with Smart Sensors (Single Sensor) up to 24 times a day
  • Fire and tilt alarm
  • Service verification using Smart Tags with digital timestamp


  • Bin construction prevents from visual detection of fill-level. It can be difficult for cleaning crew to decide if the bin is full.
  • With unpredictable filling cycle of such specific bins, remote monitoring and predictions are the key to on-demand pick requests. Prevent any hazardous situations and keep public safe.
Yellow bin box for used sharps and needles.