Specific Waste – Used Oil

Keep up with unpredictable filling cycle

Used cooking oil is a valuable material and an important trading commodity of the waste management market. Kitchen waste operators provide buy-back and refill of used oil. Making this process automated would certainly optimize the logistics and make the life of used oil producers easier.

Used Cooking Oil Containers Need Sensors Too

Used cooking oil is collected in containers outside restaurants and related industries.  Adding a sensor to used cooking oil containers will both measure the fill-level of the used oil and provide data on the collections.  Sensoneo’s sensors are specifically designed to monitor the oil level to show real-time readings.

Technology used

  • Fire and tilt alarm
  • Service verification using Smart Tags with digital timestamp
  • Eventually: Route Planning to optimize used oil collection and refill
  • For large operators: Take-back system that provides end-to-end solution for post-consumer recycling

Benefits of sensors

  • Optimize your waste collection routes to maximize use of resources and minimize environmental impact of waste collection
  • Eliminate collection of half-empty containers and eliminate overflowing the containers
  • With unpredictable filling cycle of such specific containers, remote monitoring is the key to on-demand pick requests. Do not spend more on waste collection then you need to
Green container for a collection of used oil.

Growing Operations

  • The real-time data shows the fill-level of all containers that need to be serviced, and will not add containers in the route that are nearly empty
  • Route optimization will increase cost savings and efficiencies
  • Sensoneo’s technology will enable organizations to increase operations, adding up to 20% more customers without increasing the number of collection trucks

Used Oil as a Resource

Used cooking oil has been a valuable commodity, which brings with it a high rate of theft.  The sensors will detect theft of the oil and alert the customer.  For customers looking to sell the oil, Sensoneo’s sensors help automate the logistics of this buy-back cycle. 

Increasing Costs

With the unstable economy, prices are rising.  The increased payroll for truck drivers can be offset by the efficiency increases gained by picking up the containers only when they are full.  The exorbitant expense for gas and diesel can also be lowered by planning routes to pick up only the full oil containers.