Waste Management at Airports

Ideal for

  • Airports, train stations, food courts

Keep your halls clean

The high frequency of visitors is typical for airports and airport halls. Sudden changes in departure dates and long waiting times make it impossible to rely on emptying wastebaskets at regular times – because the number of passengers and their behavior constantly change. Support the good impression of the airport with quality services – timely waste collection definitely belongs to them.

Collect waste automatically

Sensoneo’s solution for automation of indoor waste collection ensures that waste is collected “just in time” via routes automatically-generated routes reflecting the airport floor plan and precise pre-defined data about the fleet, schedules, depots, and discharges.

Technology used


  • Small bins can get full quickly. Get an early warning for cleaning crew to keep the halls clean and empty.
  • On-time empyting of bins eliminates overflowing and bad smell.