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Waste Management for Manufacturing Industry

Waste generated by manufacturing and industrial processes represents a serious burden for the environment and a challenge for efficiency.

The objective of manufacturers and industrial enterprises is to treat their waste in line with the respective EPR policies and the least possible harm to the environment while ensuring the maximum possible economy. Digitalization of industrial waste management facilitates efficiency, introduces automation into waste collection logistics, and simplifies daily operations.

Whether your business concerns kitchen waste, gravel, ceramics, masonry and concrete, scrap metals, oil, solvents, tires, weed grass, scrap lumber, or anything else – you will certainly benefit from smart solutions designed by Sensoneo for specific needs of industrial waste producers.


Sensoneo’s Waste Management for Factories

Sensoneo introduces tools designed to automate Waste collection in a factory with ease. Factory Waste Management solution minimizes disruptions of the production by waste collection. The solution automates the management of waste collection based on the floorplan, precise pre-defined data about the fleet, schedules, depots, and discharges.

The solution includes Smart Buttons (for manual notification of “ready to pick containers”) or Smart Sensors (for automated notifications), Smart Waste Management Platform for Operators, and Collection App for drivers.

On top of that, the Operators are given useful analytical Insights for future optimization, the best possible system setup, and wise strategic decisions.

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Just in Time Waste Collection

Precise collection of the requested bins only

Manual (Smart Button) or automatic (Smart Sensor) pickup requests

Automated route planning without the need of human interaction

Step-by-step driver navigation on the factory floorplan

Data analyses from each bin and route


Sensoneo’s Take-back System for industrial waste producers

The Take-Back solution digitizes, optimizes, and automates daily operations related to the management of complex logistics of industrial waste production, recycling, and processing. The solution meets all enterprise-grade standards and it proved to easily meet highly demanding criteria of nation-wide and international companies.

Take-back system provides self-sufficient digitized workflow encouraging as much automation as possible. The system easily copes with large capacities of inputs, users, and operational tasks. The solution covers modules for Operators, Collection Points, Logistic Partners, and Processing Sites – all of them available as both desktop portals and mobile apps.

The system can be easily integrated with currently available digital marketplaces for waste trading. This feature allows to quickly find the best customers for buyback of waste in a specific volume. It automatically plans its collection, record data, and ensure proper reporting.

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Introduce digitized workflows encouraging automation & optimization within the process

Ease transport planning, data collection, waste traceability with modern & UX-friendly tools

Simplify invoicing service verification reporting with reliable data collection

There are 3 mobile applications for the take-back system operators, which are very similar in design and structure, but each has different functionalities. 1. Collection Point Portal and Mobile App 2. Logistic Partner Portal and Mobile App 3. Processing facility Portal and Mobile App.


“Cooperation with Sensoneo team was extremely professional and the project was delivered precisely according to the approved project plan. Factory Waste Management solution brings order and efficiency to our internal waste management. Beside optimized collection routes we are receiving valuable data necessary for strategic decisions concerning our waste management policy. “

Logistic Analyst of the Global automotive producer with HQ in the USA