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Efficient management of post-consumer recycling

Take-back operators are organizations that are authorized for the management of take-back systems of different products and materials, mostly electrical and electronic equipment. These organizations represent producers and importers and organize for them a large-scale (mostly nationwide) collection, transport, and recycling of worn-out and obsolete products in compliance with legal obligations.

Efficient management of recyclables is directly linked with excellent logistics, proper waste stream tracking, and precise reporting. Digitalization of this process might not be perceived as a challenge only, but also the opportunity to dramatically improve and optimize the end-to-end process.

Mockup of Sensoneo software system platform for take-back system operators with many batteries in the background.


Sensoneo’s Take-back system

The solution minimizes administrative tasks and encourages transparency and traceability of the post-consumer take-back and recycling process. The Take-back solution provides smart tools for all stakeholders in a take-back system, whether they are operators, collection points, logistic partners, or processing sites.

Collection Marketplace easily solves demand & supply for waste transport. Mobile apps easily collect data every step of the process building transparent waste streams from the source all the way to processing. Route Planning plans the shortest collection routes and navigates drivers from pickup to pick up.

Solution modularity and in-house software development ensure a comfortable integration into your current process, seamless information flow between existing IS and your new “Take-back system”.

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Sensoneo’s waste monitoring solution

Take-back operators can implement a variety of collection points that would suit the consumers’ behavioral habits the best way possible. Distribution of specific bins or containers is one of the options particularly practical when the containers are in highly frequented locations.

As disposal of this type of waste is irregular and the filling cycle can vary dramatically between days and months, monitoring of such containers provide highly valuable data necessary for efficient collection planning. Sensoneo’s monitoring solution is powered with ultrasonic sensors that can be deployed in bins of various types and sizes. Flexible measurement frequencies support cost-effective approach and provide great flexibility for customers.

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Logistics process - Part 1 - for take-back operators.

Logistics process - part 2 - for take-back system operators.