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Waste Asset Management Solution

Sensoneo provides smart enterprise-grade waste management solutions for cities and businesses to cost-efficiently manage the waste lifecycle and improve the environment and well-being of people.  Through its unique smart waste management technology, Sensoneo is redefining the way waste is managed.

Sensoneo Asset Management solution allows cities and businesses to get a clear understanding of the complex bin infrastructure they manage.

Sensoneo Asset Management solution enables you to digitize your bin infrastructure. It combines RFID tags and stickers, Smart Waste Management System, Mobile App and RFID readers. By tagging all bins and containers you identify and record all assets (bins) in a digital inventory in the Smart Waste Management System, powerful cloud-based platform. RFID features enable automatic service verifications. The solution simplifies bin and container tracking, communication and invoicing, and restrains unauthorized use of bins. A clear and accurate overview of all bin assets is the key and the very first step leading towards smart waste management.


Identify and record all waste assets


Get a clear understanding of your waste infrastructure


Simplify tracking, communication and invoicing


Introduce incentive programs


Provide service verification


Create detailed bin inventory

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Bin tags and stickers

Bin tags and stickers

Identify bins using tags and stickers simplify to bin tracking, customer communication and invoicing. Restrain unauthorized use of bins. Tags allow for easy asset tracking. RFID features enable automatic service identification and access to bin details for waste professionals. Numerical, bar or QR code allows access to bin details for public.

Unique, reliable and durable Identification Easy asset tracking for your bin infrastructure.
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Bin tags and stickers
Smart Waste Management System
Smart Waste Management System

Smart Waste Management System

Your waste infrastructure is digitalized in the Smart Waste Management System, Sensoneo powerful cloud-based platform on Microsoft Azure cloud. The Dashboard offers bin inventory, a digital interactive map, tools for qualitative analysis of your waste infrastructure (bin distribution, capacity, costs), record maintenance, collection records and an overview of citizen feedback.

Smart bin database Powerful digital tools to manage your bin infrastructure smarter.
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Citizen App

Citizen App

Sensoneo’s Asset Management solution is unique as it offers simple access to information to the public as well.  Other RFID solutions are only compatible with RFID readers. Numerical, bar or QR code on the bin tag offers easy access to bin details for the public. Simply scan the code via camera to the Citizen app and you immediately get the available public details. It is up to you to decide what bin details are available to the public and what is restricted to logged users. Available for Android and iOS.

Simple communication with public Easy bin identification allows the public to access bin details, report real-time feedback or request pickup and maintenance.
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Citizen App