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Don’t waste your time, better join the waste revolution!

We are Sensoneo, a team of IT enthusiasts making an impact on the environment by bringing innovation in the management of waste. We started as a bunch of tech guys, meanwhile, we became the global leader in smart waste management, exporting our solutions to 85+ countries. Would be cool to have you in our team of 100+ awesome people bringing efficiency and sustainability into waste management worldwide. Our HQ is located in Bratislava, Slovakia, with few positions possible to enjoy a fully remote job.

You will be part of an award-winning company shaping the smart waste industry like no other. The start-up background taught us the anything-is-possible attitude, which we expect from you too!

Sensoneo has a strong SW and HW internal R&D team (these guys are pretty awesome, doing some real science) developing new IoT products and comprehensive SW solutions in multiple platforms, mainly .Net. Our infrastructure is running on MS Azure cloud. Our HW and SW are poised to contribute to the largest smart waste installation in Europe, comprising an impressive 11,100 sensors in Madrid. Additionally, Sensoneo stands as the sole company worldwide to successfully implement deposit return scheme (DRS) systems in more than five countries and we are going for more!

We are result-oriented and have a strong resistance to any senseless corporate rules. You can be excited to work with smart and original people, on unique projects with a real impact, and in a stable company that grows crazy fast. Smart waste management is a strong segment, so if you are looking for workplace sustainability and a place where you can grow, check out our current vacancies or get in touch with our HR:

HR Manager
Sensoneo personalista, Rudolf Haváč.

Rudolf Haváč