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Custom solutions - specific environments require specific solutions

We are aware of the diversity of the waste management industry and the fact that each environment has its specific conditions. To meet specific requirements of particular enterprises, businesses, and cities, Sensoneo also provides customized solutions. Both Sensoneo hardware and software are the result of in-house R&D which means that we are able to react very fast to customer needs and enhance the current portfolio with specific features.

During the last years, we have developed and implemented smart waste solutions not only for cities, waste collectors, and factories but also in numerous different areas and environments like hospitals, highways, banks, retail stores, and others.

Pictures of a worker in a manhole, smart sensor in bin and silo.


Get inspired with selected use cases

Securing waste documents

Securing waste documents

A branch of a European commercial bank was interested in a solution to optimize waste bin capacities for shredded sensitive documents:

Sensitive documents for shredding are collected and picked up by 3rd party. Thanks to secure design of collection boxes, it is not possible to see how full is the container. So when to bring the new box?


  • Minimize disruptions in the office
  • Eliminate overflowing boxes and ensure the safety of sensitive documents
  • Seamless box replacements upon the fullness

Solution Shredding boxes are monitored by Smart Sensors. The Operator (supplier) has remote access to fullness data and can organize box logistics. Based on 3-month data, the number of boxes was reduced by 50% and the on-demand pickup frequency is 20% lower than before.
Securing waste documents
Monitoring of silos
Monitoring of silos

Monitoring of silos

Agribusinesses are in need to monitor silos – they have to know how much material (or commodity) is left, so they can properly organize their businesses – whether it means feeding animals or distribution of bulk products such as grain or sanding salt.


  • Real-time access to checking the current fill-level in a silo
  • Ability to ensure smooth re-fill if required

Solution The customer has deployed Sensoneo Double sensors that monitor the silos every six hours.  This way they have at their disposal a small and powerful solution that uses a minimum of energy to provide them with the critical data they need.