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About the Citizen App

Sensoneo’s Citizen App is a mobile application for smartphones which allows citizens to see and use data from Sensoneo Smart Sensors that measure fill-levels in bins. Our Citizen App informs people of the nearest-available empty bin and enables them to be more environmentally responsible for waste disposal which makes it a perfect solution for sustainable urban environment.

By providing real-time feedback via the app, citizens can report any issues and thus help reduce overflowing and messy bins, making the city greener, cleaner and free of litter.

The Citizen App is a part of the Sensoneo Smart Waste Management solution

Find nearest available bin Management system

See all the waste bins

monitored by Sensoneo worldwide. Zoom in or zoom out the map and discover all locations where Sensoneo helps smart cities and businesses manage waste smarter. Are there waste bins monitored by Sensoneo in your region?


Find nearest available waste bin

Are you looking for bins near your house? Using the GPS position of your smartphone, our map can show you all the nearby bins. Did you know there is a bin for glass only two streets away? Start separating. Get a better picture of the waste disposal options near your house.

Find nearest available bin Management system
Find nearest available bin Management system

See how full the waste bin is

Sensoneo sensors are inside the bin and monitor fill-level several times a day. Also, we know the type of waste the bin is meant for. So when you open the Citizen App and click on the nearby bin option, you can see real-time data on how full the bin for your type of waste is and then decide if there is enough space for your trash.


Discover the shortest route

to the waste bin. Are you new to the neighborhood? No worries. Sensoneo’s integrated navigation service from Sygic (leading offline navigation app) provides you with the shortest route to the bin for the disposal of garbage. Find the bin on the map, click on it and follow the route to the bin.

Find nearest available bin Management system
Find nearest available bin Management system

Report any issues with the waste bin

Bins can be damaged, overflowing or, in some rare cases, the data in the Citizen App may just not be correct. When you encounter such a situation, please take a picture and report any issues with the given bin. The operator will be notified about the report in our Smart Waste Management System and be able to deal with it immediately.

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