Smart waste FAQ

What are the typical concerns of a waste manager, who considers installation of a smart waste monitoring solution?

  1. Oh, I need to buy specific bins!
  2. The area I manage is very limited in terms of networks :/
  3. I am really not willing to adapt to a new information system again!
  4. Would this solution reflect & solve the specific needs of my business?
  5. It will take ages to see the benefits or return on investment!

With Sensoneo, you don’t have to bother with any of these:

1. Sensoneo is universal

We monitor any type of waste in any type of bin. You can still use your current bins. Simply install the Sensoneo solution and manage waste better.

2. Sensoneo is network-agnostic

We are able to apply any of the following IoT networks: Sigfox, Lora, NBIOT, LTE and can also use GSM if needed.

sensoneo IoT networks connections

3. Sensoneo software is fully integrable with a customer’s IS

Integrate Sensoneo with your current method and upgrade your current performance.

4. We can adapt the solution to your specific needs

We appreciate your unique waste management knowledge and experience. Sensoneo will reflect your specific requirements and customize the solution to meet your individual needs; as we have done with many other clients.

5. The results are immediately visible

Especially those related to cost & time efficiency. Start using Sensoneo and you can skip unnecessary routes and costs as early as tomorrow.

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  • Andrea takes care of all Sensoneo’s online and offline communication. Her goal is to make Sensoneo a strong brand recognized across global smart waste management market. Her background in marketing and PR enables her to be the perfect advocate for the Sensoneo solution.
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