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End-to-end Software Solution for EPR, PRO and DRS

Discover a comprehensive end-to-end software solution designed for the specific needs of Extended Producer Responsibility programs, whether they have a form of reuse, buyback, or recycling program; Producer Responsibility Organizations; Deposit Return Scheme operators; Take-Back Program operators; Industrial Waste Producers, or any other entities managing take-back systems.

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Digitalisation of take-back systems

Are you looking for more reliable data following the waste streams? Is reporting a difficult & time-consuming task? Struggling to improve efficiency and save OPEX?
Introduce digitized workflows encouraging automation & optimization within the process. Ease transport planning, data collection, waste traceability with modern & UX-friendly tools. Simplify invoicing, service verification & reporting with reliable data collection.

The operator in the take-back system - Collection points and bins, Logistics partners, and processing sites.

Main Benefits


Transparent Waste Streams


Rich Data Collection


OPEX Savings


Task Automation


Easy Task Management


Marketplace for pickups

Discover the Solution

The solution provides smart tools for all stakeholders in a take-back system: Operator, Collection Points, Logistics Partners and Processing sites. Collection Marketplace easily solves demand & supply for waste transport. Mobile apps easily collect data every step of the process building transparent waste streams from the source all the way to processing. Route Planning plans the shortest collection routes and navigates drivers from pickup to pickup. The solution minimizes administrative tasks, encourages transparency & traceability.

Take-Back Operator
Take-Back Operator

Take-Back Operator

By deploying modern & user-friendly tools, Sensoneo solution empowers all players in the take-back system. This and task automation result in significantly less workload for your employees & for all involved parties. The transparent & sustainable workflow Sensoneo introduces is built on continuous data input by all parties and in all system stages. Reliable data is then useful for invoicing, service verification and reporting.
Solution modularity and in-house software development ensure a comfortable integration into your current process, seamless information flow between existing IS and your new “Take-back system”.

BENEFITS OPEX Savings | Transparent Invoicing | Less Administrative Workload | Modern & UX friendly tools
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Collection Points

Collection Points

The Manager or Operator places a pickup request (or requests) via Mobile App. The request appears on the Marketplace where Logistics partners wait to “catch” their orders. Once the Driver is assigned, Collection Point receives notification including details (who & when). They also see a list of all past, assigned, open or draft requests.
The Take-back operator does not need to interfere in the process. 

BENEFITS Quick & easy workflow to place a pickup request | Simple & user-friendly mobile app for all tasks | Transparent waste streams | Mobile app & Web portal
Collection Points
Collection Bins
Collection Bins

Collection Bins

Collection Bins are equipped with Smart Sensors measuring fullness 24x a day. The system automatically places a pickup request once the bin is almost full. Pickup requests appear on the Marketplace where Logistics partners wait to “catch” the order. Pickup requests can be placed also according to a fixed schedule.
Besides fullness, the sensor provides a service verification and has a built-in fire & tilt alarm.

BENEFITS Fully automated workflow | Transparent waste streams | Lower collection costs | Interactive bin map for public
Logistics Partners

Logistics Partners

The solution by Sensoneo helps you better plan & optimize your collection capacities, and increase profitability.

All pickup requests appear on the Marketplace. The Operator signs up for all relevant orders in Web Portal, divide them into Collection Routes and then assign routes to Drivers. Drivers access task via Driver App, log in discharges and follow step-by-step navigation. Sensoneo solution significantly cuts collection costs – algorithms fill up the vehicle & plan the shortest route.
The Take-back operator does not need to interfere in the process.

BENEFITS Quick & easy workflow to signup for pickups & to log in discharges | More profit per drive | Step-by-step driver navigation | Transparent invoicing
Logistics Partners
Processing Facility
Processing Facility

Processing Facility

Manager or Stock-keeper quickly receives and logs in discharges in Mobile App and inputs data for further reporting. Manager has an overview of all delivered and assigned waste. For unprocessed waste, they request transport- place pickup requests on the Marketplace for Logistic Partners same as Collection Points.
The Take-back operator does not need to interfere in the process.

BENEFITS Reliable data on discharges | Quick & easy workflow to place pickup request | Transparent invoicing | Mobile app & Web portal

Customer Success Story

Sensoneo Take-Back Solution was developed in cooperation with Asekol, a nationwide WEEE take-back operator in the Czech Republic. Asekol manages a complex ecosystem. There are 22k collection points & 4k collection street bins distributed across 78k km2. 95 regional logistic subcontractors collect & transport waste to 42 processing & recycling facilities. All using Sensoneo solution.

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