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Smart waste solutions for Facilities

Safety and efficiency are some of the most critical pillars of facility management within which waste management presents a necessary day-to-day task. The way waste is managed not only contributes to the quality of maintenance and operational efficiency but also significantly affects the occupants’ (employees) experience.

If aspiring for excellence in these fields, cleanliness, timeliness, and flexibility are critical attributes. Sensoneo provides a variety of smart waste solutions that can be easily deployed to directly target these objectives. Choose the one that suits your environment the best:


Real-time bin monitoring

Whether the goal is to avoid overflowing bins, ensure a pleasant environment, or save cost, smart sensors are a great facilitator to achieve it. Sensoneo’s ultrasonic sensors can be easily and quickly deployed in both indoor and outdoor environments to different sizes and types of bins including the little ones. The sensors can monitor any type of material including liquids and the frequency of the measurements can be set according to customers’ specific needs.

Facility management use cases benefiting from real-time bin monitoring:

  • A shopping mall/business center striving to achieve zero tolerance to litter can use the solution to provide their cleaning staff with an instant update of the bins fill-levels via a mobile app. The staff can hence intervene early, avoid any cleanliness-disturbing situations, and use their time efficiently.
  • Bulk substances monitoring – Whether it relates to soap, disinfection fillers, or other storage – real-time monitoring ensures that the responsible staff is alerted early, and the storage is refilled on time.

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On-request bin pick-up / Emptying the bin on request

Comfortable and top-notch quality service-oriented premises might welcome the opportunity to immediately respond to inquiries for a pick-up or delivery. The requests can be submitted via a mobile app or via request buttons. The requests, however, are not limited to waste only – they can support different kinds of areas – such as the delivery of office accessories, or refreshment.


Efficient waste collection planning

Waste collection (or waste pick up) does not have to be done on a cyclic basis, it can flexibly reflect the real need requirements. This approach will not only save the cost but also avoid unnecessary routing and emission. To support this approach, a resilient smart waste management system is required as it has to provide both the current fill-levels/pick-up requirements and automate planning of optimal collection frequencies and routes. The approach is especially efficient for corporations servicing several premises at once.

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