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End-to-end smart waste management solutions

Sensoneo provides enterprise-grade smart waste management solutions that support the digital transformation of waste management to achieve efficiency, transparency, and sustainability.

Data-driven waste management for various groups of stakeholders

Smart City

  • Clean & safe public spaces
  • Zero waste approach support
  • Detailed overview of actual waste production
  • Active engagement of citizens
  • No littering
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smart waste management cities

Waste Collector

  • Efficient Route Planning
  • GPS Tracking, Telemetry and Fleet management
  • Dynamic waste collection
  • Driver Navigation App
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smart waste management waste collection company

EPR or PRO Organisation

  • Automated reporting to national authorities
  • Real-time verification of the recycling targets fulfillment
  • Modules for collection points, logistic partners, and processing facilities
  • Modules for billing, cost/revenue controlling
  • Supporting complex deposit return systems
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smart waste management EPR PRO


  • Just-in-time waste collection
  • Automation of optimal waste collection meeting factories' specific needs
  • Automated route planning without the need for human interaction
  • Step-by-step driver navigation on the factory floorplan
  • Data Analytics
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smart waste management factory


  • Cleaner spaces free of litter
  • On-time refill of diverse supplies
  • On-time waste collection availability
  • Strengthening safety and efficiency
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smart waste management facility


  • Eliminate overflowing bins
  • Keep the campus clean and litter-free
  • Maximize the efficiency of the collection
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smart waste management university

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