Remote water level monitoring

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in-house R&D by Sensoneo


to GSM and GPRS


up to 25 m deep

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Manhole fill level monitoring

Sensoneo Octopus Water Level Sensor is an enterprise-class device for remote monitoring of rising water levels. It is intended as a remote overflow warning system. It measures the water (or any other liquid) level in a manhole. It’s fully adjustable for different depths up to 25 meters. Thanks to adjustable water level indicators (tentacles), Octopus can detect up to 3 different thresholds. When the water level rises and reaches one of the water level indicators (tentacles), the system sends an immediate notification.

We design, develop and produce the sensors and all software in-house and we are proud of it. 


Versatile water level monitoring

Our water level remote monitoring solution for detection of high water levels has many advantages. The water level sensors are robust, waterproof and shock-resistant, fully functional within the wide temperature range, and are set to measure from 1 to 25 meters

The sensors can monitor any type of liquid in manholes or containers of various types and sizes. The casing complies with IP65 and the bushings comply with IP68.


Immediate warning on rising levels

Sensors detect rising water levels. Octopus water level sensor can detect up to 3 different thresholds. The thresholds are adjustable. Octopus water level Sensors can connect to GSM and GPRS to ensure fast and reliable data transfer. Payload and network communication is encrypted on two levels preventing misuse of Sensoneo Sensors for DDOS attacks.


Sustainable and resistant product design

All R&D is conducted in-house. The hardware is of high quality, making use of top quality electronic chips available. The sensors are equipped with replaceable batteries with a lifespan of several years.

Optional features are temperature measurement and external antenna.

Sensor Overview

Octopus Sensor

Octopus Sensor
Max. distance 25 m
Level indicators up to 3 pcs
Connectivity GSM / GPRS
Measurements Event triggered
Power supply several years
Replaceable batteries Yes
Dimensions in mm (h/w/d) 50 / 120 / 54
Weight (incl. batteries) 215 g
Mesh network Yes, as slave
External antenna Yes
Casing IP65

Manhole water level monitoring for Granvia, Slovakia

Granvia Operation is a 100% subsidiary company of VINCI Highways. Granvia Operation is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the motorway which is 51,4 km long, and maintenance of the northern bypass highway near Banská Bystrica.

Granvia Operation services manholes where oil is filtered from the rainwater drained off the road. These manholes do not fill regularly and if they get overflowing, it poses a danger for safety. Granvia Operation was looking for water levels remote monitoring system that would warn them about rising levels in time. Manholes are as deep as 10m.

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