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Easy remote

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Suitable for any bin

mounting kit provided

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Remote digital management of access into bins

Public availability of waste bins does not always mean the bins are meant for everyone. However, locking bins in cages or cabinets is not always an option – especially if the visual aspect is important for customer. Sensoneo’s Bin Access Management solution does not disturb the visual of the waste containers or their surroundings.

Besides ensuring that only the authorized people can access the bins, the solution can also facilitate introduction of PAYT for apartment buildings that otherwise must be done via door-to-door collection only.

Waste Access Management can be also very beneficial for waste collectors who can easily control who and when accessed bins, and for producers and distributors of the bins as it significantly elevates the bins’ value.


Easy remote access management


No electricity required




Battery guarantees 100.000 x openings


When end of life, battery can be easily changed and the solution keep working the same way


Suitable for any bin (mounting kit provided)

Ideal bin types for remote access management

Semi-underground / Semi-buried bins

semiunderground semiburied bins waste access control management

Underground / Buried bins

underground buried bins remote bin access management

Large-capacity bins (compactor bins)

large capacity compactor bins remote access control

How does it work?

  1. Sensoneo’s Waste Bin Lock is installed in every bin that requires access control. The installation of one Lock is easy and can be done very quick.
  2. The customer receives required amount of Access Keys in required design (fob or card).
  3. Sensoneo provides customer with access into Sensoneo’s platform to easily manage the accesses.
  4. Using Sensoneo reader, the customer assigns the keys with specific users on Sensoneo platform. One key can ensure access to multiple bins (usually all within one stand).
  5. The users/citizens are distributed to access the waste bins they are authorized for.
  6. The access for users can be easily denied/blocked/cancelled/edited on The access rights are updated once a day (pre-set for midnight), but the time span can be customized.

hardware bin access management smart waste solution sensoneo


Take a look at the video explaining our Bin Access Management Solution in city of Dubnica nad Vahom:


remote waste bin access management

Added value for a various group of customers

Cities and municipalities

Cities and municipalities

  • Make sure the bins are available only for authorized citizens

  • Use the BAM data as a base for PAYT for apartment houses

Cities and municipalities
Waste bin producers/resellers
Waste bin producers/resellers

Waste bin producers/resellers

  • Gain a competitive advantage in tenders – offer BAM as a complementary functionality to your containers or bins


  • Reach out to your customers by offering BAM as additional functionality for their current containers

Operators (waste collectors)

Operators (waste collectors)

  • Control which drivers have access into specific bins


  • Check who has accessed your bins and when


  • Avoid fraud and misuse

Operators (waste collectors)

Design of the access fob:

Typically, to access the bins, customers prefer fobs. However, the lock can be designed also differently (e.g., card design), the only limit is that the device supports any from following standards: ISO 1443A a B, FELICA, 15693


The solution uses NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.