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Sensoneo enables a world that is green, clean and free of litter


The Sensoneo solution for smart waste management was developed in 2014. Since then, this Slovakia-based (mid-European country & member of the EU) tech company has managed to make an incredible journey from highly demanding R&D, testing, and patenting processes to first installations, happy customers and global expansion. Sensoneo’s smart waste management solution has attracted cities and business around the world, and it is now used in over 320 projects on 5 continents. 

Sensoneo provides smart enterprise-grade waste management solutions for cities and businesses to cost-efficiently manage the waste lifecycle, improve the environment and well-being of people. Through its unique smart waste management technology, Sensoneo is redefining the way waste is managed. The solution combines in-house produced Smart Sensors that monitor waste in real-time with sophisticated software, providing cities and businesses with digital transformation, data-driven decision making, and optimization of waste collection routes, frequencies and vehicle loads.

Sensoneo is very proud of its unique know-how and exceptional expertise in the field of smart waste management, which is a result of our profound experience in software development, managing large and complex IT projects, electronic engineering and hardware design. Our inhouse R&D brings to the waste management market top-quality innovations leading to tangible and valuable benefits. The company currently operates in more than 50 countries thanks to the network of its technology and business partners

Sensoneo holds several recognitions and awards – Sensoneo is the first commercial Narrowband IoT deployment in the United States, and in 2019, the company was recognized as one of the top 3 CEE scale-ups

The company is a proud member of Smart Cities Council, co-founding member of Chcem smart mesto (association of local producers of smart city solutions), member of PropTech Slovakia and member of SAPIE (Slovak Alliance for Innovation Economy).  

Sensoneo was nominated for the Via Bona 2016 award in the Green Company category, and the IT project of the year in the IT GALA 2016 poll. Sensoneo also received the Golden Ant 2016 award in the Innovative Solution category, Mission award 2017 for working on innovations that tackle important social challenges, Innovation of the Year award 2017 from Ministry of Economy of Slovak republic and prestigious Microsoft Award in Public administration & Smart city category.

In April 2019, Sensoneo became the winner of Innovation World Cup Series’ Smart Territories Challenge, that took place in Paris as part of the BIM World Paris, the world-leading event for digital transformation in construction, real estate industry and urban planning. In June the same year, Sensoneo became the first winner of PROPTECH – Startup Europe Awards – European awards for companies bringing innovations into the Property & Facility Management market. The ceremony took place during the MIPIM – the world’s leading real estate market. 

In October 2019, while attending the Nordic Edge Expo, Sensoneo received SMAVARD in Waste category – recognition of most innovative implementations in the Smart City market. In  November 2019, Sensoneo ranked at third place and was the best ranked international startup of the Start.up! Germany Tour – biggest start-up competition in Germany joined by more than 350 startups from Germany and another 20 countries, happening during the Ruhrsummit. 




Sensoneo Management Team


Martin BASILA |  Founder & CEO

Martin is a Senior Executive Manager with great experience in the management of complex IT projects, programs, and integrations. Martin studied Automation and Robotics at the University of Technology, Bratislava, Slovakia and quickly managed to put his knowledge to practice.  Since 1997, he worked on numerous IT & project management positions for reputable companies such as Ability, IDSScheer, Quimonda, Infosys and others, and in 2012 he founded his own IT company. In 2014 he founded Sensoneo to revolutionize the way waste is managed. Martin is very passionate about new technologies, machine learning and artificial intelligence and enjoys his family life with his three daughters.


Andrea BASILOVA |  Co-Founder & Head of Business Development

Andrea takes care of Sensoneo’s business development, builds and uncovers new business streams and strategic partnerships. Her goal is to make Sensoneo a strong brand recognized across global smart waste management market. Her background in marketing and PR enables her to be the perfect advocate for the Sensoneo solution. Working on a solution with great potential for positive global change and a great business case behind it makes Sensoneo a dream come true for her. Thanks to Sensoneo Andrea feels comfortable in many waste-related topics such as sustainability, circular economy as well as smart city and internet of things. 



Marek Gunis  |  Head of Hardware Development

Marek has over 20 years of experience working in the electronic engineering industry, focusing on hardware design and testing. He is proficient in working with hardware design tools, including Altium Designer, Zuken CR-5000, MicroSim, MicroCap, Cadence Schematic, and simulation software OrCAD or CAM350. Marek studied Motion control and Automation at the University of Technology, Bratislava, Slovakia and later and later he deepened his skills by working for Flextronics, Gotive, XIMEA and others. In his free time, Marek enjoys yoga, gardening and mountain biking.


Juraj Ziak  |  Head of Software Development

Juraj studied Faculty of Management Science & Informatics at University Zilina.  He is experienced and skilled in Azure, Web, JavaScript, Node.js, .NET, C#, C++, C technologies and programming languages with strong focus on team leading and communication. Working for companies like Siemens and IMESO and vast experience with Scrum methods make Juraj a perfect software manager. Juraj enjoys hiking and spending time with his family. 


Jana Knoppova  |  Marketing Manager

Jana is a very skilled and experienced Marketing Manager who early adapts new technology trends and innovative ways to enhance the effects of successful marketing. Jana is experienced in managing offline and online product campaigns for pharma and technology industry as well as in leading brand redesign and strategical marketing projects. She is goal-oriented with a highly professional demeanour and always strives for the best. Jana enjoys box and likes to swap learning about new digital media with walking with dogs.

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